Why Gibbs’ Absence Was Actually Perfect for NCIS’ Ducky Tribute

Gibbs’ absence in the NCIS tribute to Ducky might have raised eyebrows, but it turned out to be the right call, echoing sentiments shared by cast and crew. Their consensus? Bringing back DiNozzo instead of Gibbs made more emotional sense, particularly for Jimmy’s grieving process, given the close bond between Jimmy and DiNozzo’s character. Dietzen, who co-wrote the episode, highlighted how DiNozzo’s return was to support his friend, adding an element of secrecy and intimacy to the storyline.

While some had hoped Gibbs would appear in the homage, the decision not to include him was ultimately for the best. Harmon’s departure signaled a big shift in the program, and his goodbye episode gave a suitable conclusion for the character. While it’s natural that fans wanted Gibbs to say goodbye to his close friend, doing so may have lessened the impact of his departure.

Despite his absence from the tribute, Harmon still has a future in the NCIS franchise. Binder’s openness to Gibbs returning for future episodes, along with Harmon’s involvement in developing a prequel focused on Gibbs, hints at the character’s continued relevance. DiNozzo’s return was met with enthusiasm from longtime fans, raising speculation about how Harmon might reprise his role in the mainline NCIS series.

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