NCIS Creator is Not Surprised The Show Never Received an ‘Emmy’ Nomination


NCIS co-creator Don McGill has stated that he is not surprised that the show was not nominated for an Emmy.

The extremely popular police procedural, which debuted on September 23, 2003, has spawned four spin-off series and is presently CBS’s number one broadcast drama.

McGill, who co-created the show with Donald P. Bellisario, told The Hollywood Reporter on the show’s twentieth anniversary that the show was never intended to win accolades.

I don’t think it’s the type of show that’s out to win accolades, said McGill. “It was really a show that was out to get eyeballs, so I’m not surprised that it was never really considered for an Emmy.”

This is definitely a sentiment shared by the show’s executive producer, Mark Horowitz. The series was compared to chocolate cake by the producer.

“I like to think of NCIS as chocolate cake. “Everyone knows what chocolate cake tastes like, but you still want chocolate cake,” Horowitz explained.

“You could absolutely say that the show is popular amongst people who are perhaps politically conservative or live in more rural areas,” Horowitz said of the show’s success with viewers.


“At the same time, we’ll go to a college campus, and everyone there, even in Southern California, watches the show.” Obviously, I believe it is more popular in the Midwest than on the coasts.”

Whether it wins awards or not, the show continues to spawn spin-offs, with the next installment in the franchise, NCIS: Sydney, premiering on CBS on Tuesday, November 14 at 8 p.m.

The show will now air on Tuesdays, with episodes available on demand and to Showtime members who have Paramount+. The episode will be available to Paramount+ Essential subscribers a day after it airs.

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