NCIS Boss Threatened to Replace Michael Weatherly Over His Acting

Michael Weatherly, who famously played Tony DiNozzo on NCIS, was once in danger of losing his gig owing to his acting. This revelation comes ahead of the spin-off NCIS: Tony and Ziva, as well as the introduction of Weatherly and co-star Cote de Pablo’s podcast, Off Duty: An NCIS Rewatch.

On the podcast, Weatherly shared his early experiences on the show, recounting a candid intervention by creator Donald P. Bellisario. Weatherly recalled:

“I was working with Peter Bogdanovich in Australia, and after a magical dinner with Donald P. Bellisario, he offered me the job. I flew back and started shooting immediately, but I had no idea what I was doing.”

Bellisario didn’t mince words, telling Weatherly:

“I don’t know what you’re doing, but stop it because it’s not good. I want the guy I had dinner with. Forget the script, I wrote it, don’t do it or we’ll replace you. I want to see that guy.”

This harsh critique jolted Weatherly, revealing that he had become overly self-conscious and stiff. Bellisario’s drive for realism resulted in the vibrant, charming DiNozzo that fans adore.

Weatherly’s candor about this key moment emphasizes the value of authentic acting over perfection, a lesson that ultimately contributed to the success of his character and the show.

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