NCIS Boss Provides A Disappointing Tony DiNozzo Update as Fans Tip the Return of Season 21: ‘Chillax’

Tony DiNozzo, played by Michael Weatherly on NCIS, hasn’t been seen on the CBS cr1me drama since his departure in 2016.

Weatherly left the role of NCIS at the end of the 13th season, but he is still known to be alive and well in the CBS drama’s universe. Tony has been out of the picture for a few years, now living in Paris with Ziva David (Cote de Pablo), while actor Weatherly has been busy leading fellow CBS legal drama, Bull.

However, now that Bull has concluded, fan theories predicting a Tony return have been rife ahead of season 21, prompting showrunner Steven D Binder to address the rumours.

And, despite the fact that Weatherly’s work calendar appears to be clear with Bull behind him, it doesn’t appear that the Tony winner will be reintroduced to the show anytime soon.

Binder has now revealed that Weatherly had planned to retire from network television after leaving NCIS, but the role on Bull changed his mind.

Could he reconsider a return to episodic programming in NCIS’ landmark 21th season?

“Wouldn’t that be fantastic?” “When asked about a possible Tony DiNozzo comeback, Binder said, “

“When [Michael] left NCIS, he said to me, ‘I am never going to do network television again,'” he added to TV Line.

“He had recently had some children, and the hours are so long.” But then this Bull thing landed in his lap, and he started working like a fiend all over again.

“So, forget Tony DiNozzo for a moment, I suspect Michael Weatherly is on vacation.” I’ve known him for a while, and I believe he needs to relax and visit somewhere tropical.”

Binder went on to provide another, perhaps disappointing, update on his own contact with the former series regular.

“I haven’t spoken to him about that, but we’ve talked over the years, and that’s my guess,” he admitted.

Binder’s prediction about Weatherly’s future appears to have come true, based on the actor’s most recent social media post.

While many fans have been waiting for CBS to confirm a return, Weatherly has instead been updating his 471.2k Twitter followers on the latest happenings from his family’s holidays.

Weatherly recently shared updates from a trip to Rome, Italy, where he visited a number of the Italian capital’s hotspots.

He also traveled to Montenegro, an Eastern European country, with his young children.

Despite the fact that season 21 hype is building and there has been no word on Tony’s return, fans have expressed their desire to see him return.

NCIS fan Rebecca Hilgenberg simply replied, “Bring back Tony and Ziva.” after the show’s verified Twitter account shared the season 21 key art for the upcoming episodes. We want them back.”

Darnell McCoy, another enthusiastic viewer, stated, “Bring back Tony and Ziva.”

Willie Johnson agreed, saying, “I’m sorry, but I want Gibbs, Tony, and Ziva back.”

Separately, @Kris360785 tweeted: We need a @NCIS CBS reunion with Ziva and Tony, as well as the rest of the team. They have to return! @M Weatherly.”

“Can you go back to @NCIS CBS @M Weatherly?” Ruth Martin asked. Ziva and Tony are missed. The show would never be the same without you two. #Tiva4ever.”

“@NCIS CBS surely it must be time for a Ziva and Tony + Tali update by now?” tweeted @jlambertoxley. Perhaps even a spin-off? It doesn’t feel the same without them.”

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