NCIS Blunder: Fans Become Distracted After Spotting A Crew Member in A Key Season 1 Scene!

NCIS viewers noticed a major blunder from season one that distracted many fans from the storyline.

CBS’ hit procedural drama has been on the air since 2003, so mistakes are unavoidable. However, this major blunder, discovered by astute NCIS viewers, was revealed in season one.

One Reddit user exposed the error from the episode titled ‘Hung Out to Dry,’ in which Special Agent Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) and the team investigate the d3ath of a marine.

Until November, skilled investigator Gibbs led the team of agents tasked with solving complex cr1m1nal cases.

The squad has tracked down t3rror1sts and high-profile cr1m1nals throughout the series, but their humble beginnings saw them successfully solve mysterious cases.

This included a season one episode in which fans noticed a mistake when a Marine’s parachute appeared to have failed when he crash-landed through an SVU and d1ed.

During the investigation, Gibbs and his team were able to solve the case, revealing that it was not an accident.

NCIS discovered that the parachute was not faulty, but had been rigged to fail and k1ll the marine.

During a locker search, new recruit Kate Todd (Sasha Alexander) discovered a solvent that could have destroyed the parachute in Corporal Ramsey’s locker (Dave Power).

Despite having previously engaged in a physical altercation with the v1ct1m, he maintained his innocence and claimed he was being framed.

Traces of drugs were discovered after another examination of the parachute, indicating that the v1ct1m was k1ll3d after discovering someone’s drug business.

The murd3rer was revealed to be Corporal Paul Dafelmair (Rick Pasqualone), and the blunder was discovered during his interrogation.

APW25, a Reddit user, noticed a crew member in the mirror’s reflection and posted a photo from the episode.

Backwoodcj responded, saying, “this was often the case with morgue scenes.”

“I don’t remember the episodes, but there are a few full fledged reflection shots where people see they’re in the shot and panic,” the Redditor continued.

“I’ve probably watched NCIS three times in total, and I like how I can still find new things every time,” they concluded.

“I remember something like this when the crew was filming on a ship or something, the person who was holding the camera,” IJustWatchMovies recalled.

“When this stuff happens, it’s funny af,” they remarked, “camera, well, that guy’s finger was literally popping out slightly.”

While the blunder elicited a reaction from fans, viewers were equally outraged when Gibbs’ departure was announced in November.

After two decades in the role, fan favorite Mark Harmon announced his retirement as the beloved character.

While fans expressed their sadness on social media, Gibbs said his final goodbye to his team in the episode titled ‘Great White Open.’

Despite this, showrunner Steve Binder hinted at his return, saying, “So regarding the future of Gibbs, as long-time fans of the show may have noticed over the years, never count Leroy Jethro Gibbs out.”

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