NCIS Actress Pauley Perrette Had A Quite Different Appearance As A Child

NCIS fans have had the opportunity to observe the show’s primary cast age over the course of the show’s run.

Pauley Perrette, who played forensic scientist Abby Sciuto on NCIS for 15 years before leaving the show a few years ago, is one of them. Sciuto, on the other hand, was not k1ll3d off.

Instead, she relocated to London to restart her life, which suggests that she may return in a minor capacity at some point.

Despite her decision to depart, Perrette’s position on NCIS remains her most well-known, and the reason she will never have to work again if she does not want to.

Perrette was a normal person until the show transformed her into a very affluent woman. Even the world’s biggest stars, including Perrette, have some humiliating images from their teens.

Although she has maintained some of her distinguishing features for the whole of her life, there are clear distinctions between the adult actress that NCIS fans have come to know and her younger self.

Still, everyone is entitled to a cute, slightly ragged childhood portrait to cherish.

Pauley Perrette looked different… yet still wore bangs

Perrette was blond as a youngster, as evidenced by a photo she shared on Twitter, but her hairdo was strikingly similar to the characteristic bangs she still wears today.

She’s also wearing pigtails in the snap, which were a popular hairstyle during her time on NCIS.

Perrette spent much of her childhood relocating with her family, despite eventually landing in Hollywood. She grew up in the South, on both coasts, and in both Carolinas, dreaming of working with animals or becoming a rock star.

Perrette pursued her dream of becoming a rock star as an adult, and she had a huge impact on one of the most successful shows of the new millennium.

Although Perrette and several other members of the show’s original ensemble have left, their impact on NCIS remains significant, and many fans anticipate that when the show ends, Perrette will return as Sciuto.

For the time being, fans of her work on NCIS will have to make do with the fact that she came from poor roots.

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