NCIS actress Emily Wickersham Became a Mother & Changed Hair Color


Emily Wickersham, 39, was born in Kansas on April 26, 1984, and is best known for her role as Special Agent Eleanor Bishop in the hit television series “NCIS.” She joined the long-running show after the departure of fan favorite Cote de Pablo.

De Pablo’s departure caused quite a stir on the show, particularly in terms of production, which was already well started when her contract negotiations fell through after eight years on the show.

Gary Glasberg, the series’ showrunner, used a planned transition to avoid quickly replacing Ziva David (de Pablo’s character).

Glasberg sought to make the new agent as distinct from David as possible. A large number of actresses from London, New York, and Los Angeles were considered for the part.

Four actors were brought in from that talent pool of about a hundred to undertake on-screen auditions with the series’ lead, Mark Harmon, and other actors. Wickersham was one of the four remaining actresses, and according to Glasberg:

“…she has this amazing scene with Mark Harmon that leaves us all staring at each other and saying, ‘I think that’s it.'”

Off-screen, her other castmates put the college dropout who took acting lessons and conducted public speaking to face her phobias to the test. Sean Murray, who plays Special Agent Timothy McGee, said Wickersham was able to handle anything was thrown at her even when she was vetted in between scenes and at lunch breaks.

Wickersham enjoyed playing her role as an actress who had her big break on one of the most popular television shows. Wickersham exclaimed during an interview about her stint on “NCIS” a few years ago:

“I really enjoy it; it’s been a lot of fun.” I’ve been on the…show for five seasons, and it’s an incredible job to have every day.”

Cut, Print, and Move On: She Quit ‘NCIS’ and Divorced Her Ex-Husband Three Years Ago

Wickersham departed from her position and left the show after nearly eight years and 172 episodes. In May 2021, the “Gone” actress took on social media to announce her departure from “NCIS.”

She shared three black-and-white photos of herself on set, each in a different setting. Wickersham in character was shown in some behind-the-scenes photos.


The first two photos showed Wickersham beaming enthusiastically, but the last one showed her having a serious conversation with the show’s director. Her passionate caption expressed her gratitude for being a part of the series and how much she appreciated the opportunity to work with outstanding people.

Given all of the exciting new happenings in her life since her time on “NCIS,” it’s reasonable to assume that Wickersham has changed a lot.

Wickersham also mentioned how uncommon it is for an actor to achieve stability in a field that is notoriously fickle. Another portion of her message stated:

“…I’ve been fortunate to be a part of a show where I got to show up, act, laugh, and learn alongside wonderful people.” I’ll never forget that moment in time. Thank you, CBS and NCIS, for allowing me to be a part of television history…”

During her stint on “NCIS,” Wickersham was married to singer Blake Hanley. However, the couple divorced in December 2018.

After returning home after living in Los Angeles with his ex-wife, Hanley went on to play at a music festival a year after the couple divorced. In an interview, he spoke openly about how the divorce affected him. The artist said of his parting with Wickersham:

“It felt strange coming home after such a long time.” I had experienced a great deal of heartbreak. It’s been a year…it’s been a journey with everything I’ve been through.”

Hanley, on the other hand, was able to move on with another woman following their breakup. He also became a parent when he and his girlfriend welcomed a daughter.

Emily Wickersham’s Post-‘NCIS’ Life: Finding Love Again, Becoming a Mother, and a New Hair Color

Wickersham, like her ex, was able to go on and find love again. The former “NCIS” star is currently dating fellow actor James Badge Dale.

Cassius, the couple’s son, was born in December 2021. Wickersham, the doting mama bear, swooned at his arrival:

“…You are more than @jamesbadgedale and I could have hoped for.” We’re madly in love with you.”

Given all of the exciting new happenings in her life since her time on “NCIS,” it’s reasonable to assume that Wickersham has changed a lot. Another factor that contributed to the alterations she has since undergone was her decision to try out a new hair color.

Her fans recognized her for her striking blonde hair during her stay on the show. Last year, however, the “I Am Number Four” actor startled the public by going brunette.

She shared photos of herself on social media with her regular blonde hair dyed a dark brown tone. “[D]o brunettes have more fun?” she asked in one of her posts.

Wickersham’s hair was dark brown for a spell, but she eventually returned to her blonde locks in July of this year.

In terms of this year, the now-blonde mom and her beau will be celebrating their son’s second birthday at the end of December.

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