NCIS Actress Cote de Pablo Suspected Michael Weatherly Was Attempting To Sabotage Her

It’s not uncommon for actors to confront unforeseen problems during TV auditions. Cote de Pablo’s quest for a position on NCIS provided an unexpected challenge: co-star Michael Weatherly.

Weatherly’s erratic behavior as an established figure on the show took de Pablo off guard during their screen test. His antics were so aggressive that she suspected he was sabotaging her chances of getting on the show.

Cote de Pablo of ‘NCIS’ suspected Michael Weatherly of sabotaging her screen test

De Pablo tried out for NCIS alongside Michael Weatherly, an original cast member.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2009, de Pablo revealed that their first impressions of each other were divisive. Weatherly was viewed as unprofessional by her, whilst she was perceived as complex and challenging by him.

Despite his established status on NCIS, Weatherly’s response to the newbie during the tryout was unusual. Weatherly’s antics appeared to de Pablo to be sabotaging her audition.

“During the audition, he grabbed my hair,” said de Pablo. “He refused to read between the lines. He completely deviated from the script and began improvising, and this was my final audition with the CBS executives. “I was thinking to myself, ‘This guy is sabotaging my audition.'”

Weatherly’s effort at friendly banter, comparing her to Salma Hayek and even making unwanted physical contact, was also mentioned by De Pablo. She defended herself immediately, fighting back against his advances.

De Pablo was eventually removed from the pack after outright rejecting Weatherly, who was clearly in character. NCIS executives were impressed with her performance and placed her as Weatherly’s romantic interest on the show.

A closer look at these ‘NCIS’ fan favorites’ relationship

Fans of NCIS will recall the heated chemistry between Ziva and her coworker, Agent Anthony DiNozzo.

Tony and Ziva created quite a stir during their time on the show, with fans hoping for a romantic twist. Their dreams were granted when it was revealed in Season 13 that the couple had a child, Tali (Emelia Golfieri).

Though de Pablo appears on NCIS on occasion, Weatherly has yet to return to the character.

Given their obvious on-screen chemistry, one might expect Weatherly and de Pablo to have an instant off-screen bond. However, de Pablo’s views indicate that they settled into their on-screen dynamics naturally.

Their initial real-life tension and underlying mutual fascination may have influenced de Pablo’s assessment of Weatherly’s disruptive audition antics. Their off-screen exchanges inadvertently strengthened their on-screen partnership.

Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly are successful because of their unique relationship

De Pablo observed how her NCIS audition experience set the tone for her character’s chemistry with Weatherly. De Pablo somehow believed they were separate yet identical, producing a level of gravity.

“It was just all of those things that I think later on translated to the relationship that Ziva and Tony had and still have,” she explained. “That’s what makes that dynamic interesting.” We realized we’re so different yet so similar that there was an instant appeal.”

Even though Weatherly played an arrogant character on the show, his demeanor during auditions was disturbing for other actors auditioning for the position.

Weatherly’s advances were welcomed by other actors, according to De Pablo. Her attitude, on the other hand, was radically different, which helped her get the role of Ziva.

Fans have been waiting for a Ziva and Tony reunion since their mutual departure from NCIS. It hasn’t occurred yet, but now that Weatherly’s series is complete, Bull, the time couldn’t be better.

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