NCIS Actress Cote de Pablo Suspected Michael Weatherly Was Attempting To Sabotage Her

It’s not uncommon for actors to confront unforeseen problems during TV auditions. Cote de Pablo’s quest for a position on NCIS provided an unexpected challenge: co-star Michael Weatherly.

Weatherly’s erratic behavior as an established figure on the show took de Pablo off guard during their screen test.

His antics were so aggressive that she suspected he was sabotaging her chances of getting on the show.

Cote de Pablo of ‘NCIS’ Suspected Michael Weatherly of Sabotaging Her Screen Test

Cote de Pablo had mixed feelings about Michael Weatherly during her NCIS audition. She regarded him as unprofessional, whereas he saw her as difficult and challenging.

Weatherly’s unconventional antics during the tryout, including grabbing her hair and improvising off-script, left de Pablo feeling sabotaged.

Despite their initial clashes, de Pablo’s strong response impressed NCIS executives, leading to her being cast as Weatherly’s romantic interest on the show.

A closer look at these ‘NCIS’ fan favorites’ relationship

Fans of NCIS recall the electrifying chemistry between Ziva and Agent DiNozzo. Despite aspirations for a relationship, their tale reached its climax in Season 13 when they disclosed they had a child.

While de Pablo makes infrequent appearances, Weatherly has not renewed his role.

Their on-screen chemistry didn’t immediately translate off-screen. De Pablo noted they settled into their dynamic naturally, despite initial tension.

Their off-screen interactions inadvertently strengthened their on-screen partnership.

Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly are successful because of their unique relationship

De Pablo commented on her NCIS audition and how it influenced her chemistry with Weatherly.

She was drawn to their dynamic of being different yet similar, which carried over into Ziva and Tony’s relationship.

Despite Weatherly’s arrogance, his manner during auditions was unnerving for others. De Pablo’s unconventional attitude helped her earn the part.

Fans are anxiously anticipating a Ziva and Tony reunion, especially now that Weatherly’s program Bull has ended.

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