NCIS Actors Sean Murray & Wilmer Valderrama Are Battling For Top Billing

According to sources, NCIS fan favorites Sean Murray and Wilmer Valderrama are competing for top billing, which may be overshadowed by the return of the cr1me drama’s biggest star, Mark Harmon, has learned.

Since Harmon’s departure at the end of Season 19, Sean, 45, and Wilmer, 43, have had their storylines expanded significantly – and their egos, according to sources, have grown along with their screen time.

“There’s no denying Mark’s departure gave their characters room to grow,” an insider observed. “However, you now have two actors who believe they should be the show’s star.”

Sean (Senior Field Agent Timothy McGee) has seniority because he has been on NCIS since Season 1. Wilmer, who plays Special Agent Nicholas Torres on the show, did not appear until Season 14.

“Wilmer considers himself the primary star, but Sean has a bone to pick with that,” the insider explained. “Sean enjoys rubbing it in Wilmer’s face that he has higher billing in the credits.” Wilmer is working hard to change this.”

“They may claim to be buds in public, but they tend to annoy each other behind the scenes,” said the source.

If the bosses get their way and bring Harmon back, Sean and Wilmer will most likely lose some of the spotlight!

As previously reported by, Harmon has teased CBS about his plans to return to NCIS as Special Agent Leroy Gibbs. Rocky Carroll, another cast member, stated, “We might see Gibbs again.”

NCIS producers have been hoping for Harmon’s return since last year, as we first reported. We’re told they’ve had enough of waiting and have considered asking ex-NCIS star Michael Weatherly to return.

Weatherly left the show in 2016 to star in the CBS legal drama Bull as Special Agent Tony DiNozzo.

“Mark’s been teasing them about coming back for months,” one insider said. “He’s bored at home but refuses to leave.” As a result, the response is, “Let’s get Michael!” Even before Bull ended, Michael teased a return on social media.

“When he left NCIS at the end of season 13, his coworkers were understanding but disappointed.” Now they’re hoping to get him back — especially the bosses, who want to beef up their hunk lineup!” the source added.

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