NCIS actor Wilmer Valderrama Confirmed That ‘Torres’ Will Be Going To Jail in the Season 20 Finale


Wilmer Valderrama has revealed his new look for NCIS’s season 20 finale. The NCIS star confirmed his character, Nick Torres, will be going to prison in a recent social media post.

Valderrama appears in the video with a shaved head and an orange jumpsuit. This confirms that Torres will spend time in jail in the finale, though to what end is unclear.

In the season 20 finale, Wilmer Valderrama reveals his character’s new look.

Valderrama took to Instagram to give NCIS fans an update on Torres’ progress in season 20. The actor revealed that he has officially completed filming and teased what’s to come.

“I just wanted to put out a little video since the cat is out of the bag,” Valderrama explained. “I’m wearing an orange jumpsuit and my hair is all gone, but I wanted to send you a quick message to say how proud I am of the episode we just shot.”

Following that, the actor posted an Instagram photo of himself dressed as a prisoner. Valderrama accompanied the image with a cryptic message that read, “There is nothing more dangerous than blind loyalty…”

Torres was sentenced to prison in the season 20 finale, as fans had already learned. Valderrama’s social media activity confirms this, though we still don’t know why his character is imprisoned.

Viewers will most likely have to wait until the season finale to find out if Torres has been assigned to go undercover. It would also not be surprising if his plot is linked to the cliffhanger that the producers have hinted at.

Wilmer Valderrama pays tribute to his ‘NCIS’ co-stars.

In addition to the major season 20 finale teaser, Valderrama shared a sweet note about his NCIS co-stars. In the same video, Valderrama expressed his gratitude to the cast and crew, saying he couldn’t be happier with how things are progressing.

“I’m just really, really proud of this crew,” he explained. “I love you, my crew.” Thank you for your efforts, my writers. To every director who touched every episode, thank you for your direction, kindness, and patience, and to my co-stars, you know how much I appreciate you. We’re a group, but more importantly, we’re a family.”

Although Valderrama has confirmed that he is finished filming Season 20, other cast members may still be on set. Even so, the season will be over in no time.

Valderrama ended the video by assuring fans that the season 20 finale of NCIS will be unlike anything they’ve seen before. Unfortunately, he did not provide any additional information, but it sounds like exciting times are ahead.

With Valderrama hyping the season 20 finale online, this season of NCIS is sure to end in epic fashion.

‘NCIS’ Season 20 Finale: Everything We Know So Far

Valderrama’s post comes as NCIS prepares to return for the final season of season 20. The popular crime drama will return on Tuesday nights, with the season finale airing at the end of May.

Apart from Torres’ plot, we don’t know much about the season 20 finale. NCIS producers have been tight-lipped about the episode, but they have confirmed that the title is “Black Sky.”

We also know that the episode will end with a cliffhanger. This could be related to Torres, given the precarious position he finds himself in during the finale.

If this is correct, we may not learn what happens to Torres until the season 21 premiere next year. In any case, fans will not want to miss what’s in store for the finale.

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