NCIS actor Michael Weatherly Speaks About DiNozzo Comeback as ‘Things Are Starting To Happen’


NCIS star Michael Weatherly has indicated that a comeback to the iconic police procedural may be on the way.

If Michael Weatherly’s latest Twitter tease is any indication, he may soon be reprising his role as the endearing Agent Tony DiNozzo on NCIS.

The 55-year-old left the long-running CBS drama in 2013 to care for DiNozzo’s newly discovered daughter Tali after learning Agent Ziva David (played by Cote de Pablo) had been “k1lled.”

Of course, fans knew this wasn’t the case when Ziva returned to the show a few years later, but the thought of her d3ath prompted DiNozzo to leave NCIS and begin a new life in Paris.

Without a doubt, the film-loving agent was one of the show’s all-time favorite characters, with fans still wondering if he would ever return.

When Weatherly posted his latest tweet, his followers couldn’t help but hope that it was a hint indicating his intention to revive DiNozzo once again.

Weatherly shared a photo of himself recreating the iconic scene where his character interacts with Agent Leroy Gibbs, played by Mark Harmon, through a slap.

A few days after posting this picture, he also tweeted about his affection for the song “Shakedown Cruise” by Jay Ferguson, which included a surprising hint.

He wrote: “This song exists to remind you that on a summer afternoon in the late 1970s… life is perfect.

“By the way – I have the feeling that something is starting to move. Things that will be very exciting. Stay tuned.”

Naturally, fans couldn’t help but immediately think that an NCIS return was possible.

One fan replied, “Okay, get back on the show. We need you Gibbs back.”

And Zeva, otherwise, honestly, the show will fail.

Another agreed: “You sure look ready to play DiNozzo again.

“I’m hoping this is a hint and that you’re trying to get people ‘fired up’…glad to see you’re doing well and having fun.”

A slew of GIFs were also sent in response to Weatherly’s slap reenactment, recalling DiNozzo and Gibbs’ friendship.


Weatherly hasn’t been shy in hinting at a return to his NCIS role in recent years.

A fan expressed their desire to see DiNozzo reunite with Ziva onscreen before the New Year.

Weatherly responded, “Stay tuned…for this could be an interesting year for such moments!”

Although this hasn’t been formally verified yet, given the way Weatherly has been dropping hints, it does seem like a very real possibility.

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