NCIS actor Brian Dietzen Says That Creating An Episode Honoring David McCallum Eased His Grief

Brian Dietzen, a significant player on the TV series “NCIS,” played a highly personal role in a recent homage to his late co-star, David McCallum. Dietzen, who co-wrote the emotional episode, found peace in honoring McCallum’s legacy while also processing his own grief.

Reflecting on the experience, Dietzen shared how the task of crafting a farewell to McCallum’s character, Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard, was both challenging and therapeutic.

The episode, titled “The Stories We Leave Behind,” paid homage to McCallum’s iconic portrayal, intertwining heartfelt moments with the character’s memorable past.

Dietzen described the emotional impact of filming the homage, particularly the sequence in which his character, Jimmy, deals with the loss of a friend. Despite the difficulty, the episode was a labor of love, with tributes to Ducky’s significant events from the series.

One notable highlight was the surprise return of Michael Weatherly’s Tony DiNozzo, adding an extra layer of nostalgia for fans. While scheduling conflicts prevented Mark Harmon’s Gibbs from appearing, Dietzen expressed hope for future cameos.

Finally, the episode paid honor to McCallum’s long-standing contribution to the program by capturing both the essence of the character and the camaraderie amongst the cast members. As Dietzen so eloquently stated, “Our pain is a small price to pay for his peace,” echoing the attitude of loss and acceptance that permeated the poignant farewell.

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