NCIS Actor Brian Dietzen Just Revealed a Major Spoilers About the Show’s Future

Brian Dietzen, star of the hit cr1me drama NCIS, may have just revealed a major spoiler for season 21. There’s been a lot of speculation lately about whether or not NCIS will return, especially now that NCIS: LA is ending.

Fortunately, Dietzen, aka Jimmy Palmer, accidentally hinted at the show’s future when asked about the possibility of writing another episode. If his comments are any indication, it appears that NCIS will be back for more. That’s right, folks – it appears that we’re not quite finished with everyone’s favorite procedural yet!

Brian Dietzen hints at a major plot twist for the future of ‘NCIS.’

NCIS fans were concerned about the show’s future after CBS canceled its spinoff, NCIS: LA. The series will not return after the end of season 14, which left fans wondering if the original show would also end.

During a recent interview, Dietzen thankfully put viewers at ease. According to Hello Magazine, the actor dropped the spoiler by accident when asked about writing another episode in the near future. He didn’t reveal anything about Season 21, but his comments made it clear that the beloved series will return to television.

“It won’t be for this season, though,” Dietzen said of writing another installment. I’ve been talking with our showrunner, Steve [Binder], about what we’re going to do next year. That is currently in the works, but nothing is imminent for this season.”

Talk about breaking news! Fans of the show have been asking when the network will officially confirm the new season. Season 20 was announced by CBS last spring, so it shouldn’t be too long before we get some solid confirmation.

Given the show’s ongoing popularity, it’s not surprising that it’s being renewed. However, it is comforting to hear from a cast member.

‘NCIS’ star Brian Dietzen discusses his passion for scriptwriting.

Dietzen made his NCIS debut as a co-writer with his contributions to the season 19 episode “The Helpers.” While Dietzen was hesitant to take on this role, his efforts were ultimately successful, leading to another writing opportunity in season 20.

In episode 14, titled “Old Wounds,” Dietzen assisted in the creation of yet another enthralling story. In this episode, a murd3r case connected to a valuable shipment of opioids forces Special Agent Parker (Gary Cole) to confront his FBI past and confront ghosts he thought were long buried.

In an interview with Looper, Dietzen discussed his writing process and revealed that he is heavily influenced by twentieth-century playwrights such as Eugene O’Neill and Arthur Miller. The actor also stated that he has extensive experience working on Shakespeare sets, which deal with a wide range of emotions.

“Other TV shows are ripped from the headlines,” Dietzen explained, “while our shows are ripped from the characters.”

An examination of fan-favorite ‘Jimmy Palmer’.

If you’ve been a long-time NCIS fan, you’re probably familiar with and fond of Dietzen’s Jimmy Palmer, aka the Autopsy Gremlin. Parker first appeared on the show as a medical examiner’s assistant to Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard, played by David McCallum. Despite his sporadic appearances at first, Parker quickly became a recurring character on the show.

When it comes to the medical examiner on NCIS, no one is better equipped to handle the high-stakes drama than Dr. Palmer. Dietzen’s character is no stranger to extreme pressure and intense situations as the one in charge of investigating the causes of d3ath and other key medical details that help the team solve each case they take on.

Fans are excited to see Dietzen write another episode in season 21 because of his importance to the series and expanding role as a scriptwriter. Not to mention the fact that the show will be returning for at least one more season.

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