‘NCIS’ Actor Brian Dietzen Has Responded To Michael Weatherly’s “Cryptic Clue” About Ziva David

“NCIS” is currently one of CBS’s longest-running shows. As a result, fans have seen beloved characters come and go over the course of the show’s 19 seasons. Furthermore, many Outsiders have lamented the d3aths of several “NCIS” characters. Although the majority of fans will miss Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David the most.

Season 19 has just begun. And, of course, our favorite cast members and alumni are causing a social media frenzy with incredibly vague posts. Michael Weatherly (Tony DiNozzo) of “NCIS” posted a throwback photo of his character and fellow “NCIS” alum, Cote de Pablo (Ziva David), on Wednesday. The moving image was taken from the hit show’s 200th episode. Gibbs imagines his team in alternate realities in it.

“Let’s just say…they ended up in Paris,” Weatherly wrote of the photo and the episode as a whole. “Does anyone believe that’s a possibility?” Fans immediately began bombarding the actor with comments, pleading for more information about a possible #TIVA return.

Fans didn’t go crazy until current “NCIS” star Brian Dietzen, who plays Medical Examiner Dr. Jimmy Palmer, added fuel to the fire.

Dietzen commented cryptically below the post, “Ziva loves Paris.” Thank you, Jimmy, but what does that mean?

Fans, as usual, came bearing potential theories. “He used present tense when he spoke that sentence,” one fan pointed out. I knew right away that her story, their story, wasn’t over!” “A phrase that obviously means more than even the most diehard of us fans understand…yet,” wrote another “NCIS” fan.

If we learn anything new, we’ll keep Outsiders posted on the status of #TIVA’s potential return.

‘NCIS’ Will Travel Far North in the Coming Weeks

Meanwhile, while we wait for more hints of TIVA’s long-awaited return, our current crew will take a very different path in the coming weeks.

The premiere of Season 19 of “NCIS” took place two weeks ago. Its third brand new episode will air on Monday. And we’re thrilled to see the “NCIS” team reunite with the legendary Leroy Jethro Gibbs. However, we now have a face to go with our elusive serial k1ller’s name.

We learned last week that serial k1ller Paul Lemere works as a contract k1ller. This distinguishes him from an impulsive person motivated by personal ambitions. And we can expect to learn more about the murd3rer this week.

However, as we enter the chilly month of October, we can give you a sneak peek at “NCIS” season 19 episode 4. And boy, does it get cold. Next week’s episode, “Road to Nowhere,” reveals that Gibbs and Palmer take a road trip. The two plan to find one of Lemere’s v1ctims. While we’re sure the episode will be as action-packed as any other, it’s the following week’s that takes us out of our “NCIS” comfort zones.

The fourth episode of the new season, titled “Great Wide Open,” takes Gibbs and McGee on an intense road trip to Alaska, much further north. Of course, we can assume that the duo will continue their search for information about the serial k1ller.

As we enter October and “NCIS” moves north, be sure to grab your coziest blanket in preparation for the next few episodes.

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