Since the first time “NCIS” premiered around 17 years back, the procedural drama has been one of the top TV series, with a humongous fan base. Every time, the show returns with a new season, it has managed to keep it fresh with unexpected twists and turns and some compelling back stories of the characters, especially, the story of Agent Gibbs, which is still a mystery.

Recently, fans have been too worried to send off Jack Sloane when “NCIS” returns for Season 18 this fall. But, there’s also hope for new development with possible new characters. The series is expected to resume shooting in early September, after the world-wide shutdown due to COVID-19 pandemic. Here are a few things that fans can expect to see when the “NCIS” Season 18 premieres:

Jack’s Departure:

This, of course, comes as no surprise, as the actress herself has announced that she would be leaving “NCIS” after just 8 episodes in the Season 18. However, what happens to her character remains the question. Last we saw, she was building a relationship with the daughter she’d given up for adoption. There was also a rumor of a possible romance between Gibbs and Sloane, with fans even naming the couple as “Slibbs.” However, now that it has been confirmed that she is leaving, we can expect a different ending of her chapter.


More of Ducky and Gibbs:

The milestone of 400 episodes is no joke, and there’s a lot of hype revolving the episode, which is expected to explore the relationship between Gibbs and Ducky, that has been a part of “NCIS” since the beginning of the show. We are pretty sure that the 400th episode will certain live up to the hype, just like the 300th episode “Scope” which is one of the best in the entire series.


The Opioids Case:

If there is one thing that will surely return for Season 18, then we will stick to the Opioids storyline, which has been around since Season 16. Of course, the “NCIS” franchise is famous for the ongoing arc that can last for years, but still, it would be great if we get to see the opioids case coming to a close in this season.


McGee & Delilah:

“NCIS” has been one of those shows that take the audience home with the agents, only and very rare occasions, that too involving a case. But fans have always wanted to know more about the agents, and they life, especially McGee and his wife, fellow agent Delilah. If you are one of those die-hard fans who miss the duo, there’s good news. The show’s EP Frank Cardea has confirmed that the upcoming season will feature a new episode about the married couple, and possibly their children.


Tony & Ziva:

The last but not the least, when have we said no to more of Tiva moments? Fans have always been asking for Ziva David to return and when that happened, now they are yearning for the reunion of Tony and Ziva, with their daughter. Though it is not easy, considering Michael Weatherly, who played the role of Tony, now has his own show going on, we can’t rule it out as totally impossible.


In fact, it’s been a while since we had any kind of crossovers in the “NCIS,” so fans are hoping to see Tony in his element again, all be it, if only for a crossover.

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