NCIS 2021: Major McGee and Gibbs sniper shooting ‘plot hole’ exposed ‘Still got up?’

NCIS fans are still blown away by agent McGee’s ability to shrug off two shots from a sniper rifle to save his fellow agent before being sent to the hospital.

The 18th season of NCIS returned from its Christmas break last month with an exciting double bill, Sunburn and Head of the Snake. Although the two cases were unrelated, fans of the CBS series finally got their answer for why Leroy Jethro Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) shot one of his most trusted agents with a sniper rifle. Unfortunately, the shock twist has caused some serious debate amongst viewers.

NCIS fans have pointed out a number of problems with the unexpected twist that kicked off the 18th season last year.

Before jumping back to an earlier case in the season premiere, the episode opened with an unexpected sight: Leroy Gibbs aiming a sniper rifle at Agent Timothy McGee (Sean Murray).

Viewers then had to wait for some weeks to discover what actually transpired, and why the sharp-shooter turned on one of his colleagues.

In the climax of episode five, Head of the Snake, it was revealed Gibbs was actually shooting at McGee to stop him entering a plane, which was rigged to explode.

Gibbs was forced to shoot his teammate when he realised McGee’s comms were down, but took care not to land any fatal shots as the team feared for Ellie Bishop’s (Emily Wickersham) safety.

Thankfully, she managed to escape, but Gibb’s hasty plan has caused a stir from fans who were surprised by McGee’s determination to continue the mission.

On Twitter, one fan said: “I think we aren’t talking about the fact that McGee got shot and still got up again to get to the plane so he could save Ellie.”

Gibbs initially shot at the ground as a warning shot, but McGee was still determined to save his friend.

Thinking it was enemy fire, McGee was knocked to the ground when Gibbs fired off his second shot, which was aimed at the agent’s upper arm.

Ever determined, McGee still managed to get up again seconds later and started making his way towards the plane.

This forced Gibbs to fire off a second shot to his leg, forcing the agent down moments before the plane finally exploded.

Although McGee may have landed himself several weeks’ worth of recovery in the hospital, it really should have taken just one well-placed shot to stop him in his tracks.

Gibbs was taking shots at his colleague from a not too considerable distance with a high-powered sniper rifle, and the pain would have simply been too much to continue for even the most accomplished of agents.

Other fans have also questioned McGee’s logic in the sequence, claiming he should have got the hint when Gibbs first shot at his feet.

“McGee should be smarter than that,” one fan claimed on Reddit once the episode had aired.

They continued: “If you’re being shot at from a sniper at least take cover.”

“Or get the hint since your boss is a sniper and the bullets are coming from his direction.”

Still, NCIS certainly doesn’t take place in the real world, and other fans have highlighted the scene as an example of McGee’s bravery in the face of danger.

On Twitter, another viewer said: “Gibbs shot Mcgee [twice] to save him from an airplane explosion.

“Not by a regular gun, but with a proper sniper rifle. That’s bravery, trust, and friendship.”

Season 18 is currently taking a short hiatus, but fans can tune in next week to see if McGee is able to make a speedy recovery.

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