NCIS 1000th Episode: Fornell Fills the Void, Leaving Gibbs’ Return Unlikely

NCIS is preparing to celebrate its 1000th episode by reintroducing a beloved character, but this move dampens expectations for Mark Harmon’s comeback as Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Harmon’s character retired to Naktok Bay, Alaska, and has not been seen in Washington, DC since. While many thought that the milestone episode might be an opportunity for Gibbs to make a comeback, the presence of Joe Spano’s Tobias Fornell hints otherwise. Fornell’s involvement in the tale reduces the chances of Gibbs’ comeback, leaving fans wondering if they’ll ever see the legendary character again.

Fornell’s Comeback Diminishes Likelihood of Gibbs’ NCIS 1000th Episode Appearance

Fornell is returning in NCIS’ 1000th episode to assist Special Agent Alden Parker’s team.

Set photos confirm Fornell’s return in NCIS’ 1000th episode to aid Special Agent Alden Parker’s team. Despite not being a series regular in the police procedural, Spano was one of its frequent guest stars, primarily serving as an FBI liaison with a close friendship with Gibbs. Throughout Harmon’s tenure in NCIS, Gibbs’s relationship with Fornell, both professionally and personally, evolved. While it would be great to see the pals reunite, Fornell is likely filling in for Gibbs in the episode. Although he has long departed from the force, his FBI connections could assist Vance.

Incorporating Gibbs with Fornell in the 1000th episode of NCIS could be too distracting from the investigation. The show’s creators have revealed that they are actively looking for methods to return Harmon, but it will not be with a fleeting cameo. Instead, they intend to take full use of the opportunity to reintegrate Gibbs into the program. As a result, his return episode will most likely center on a case involving him. Gibbs is too important a character to play a supporting role, especially since this is his final appearance on NCIS.

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