Familiar Faces, Fresh Cases: How Gibbs & Former Agents Can Return for NCIS’ 1000th Episode

Vance, NCIS’s longest-serving director, is an unusual pick for the 1000th episode. But please hear us out. He may not have been present from the beginning, but his journey from skepticism to trust in Gibbs has been a compelling subplot throughout the series.

With ties to nearly every main agent, Vance’s role in the upcoming case draws in familiar faces like Gibbs, DiNozzo, Ziva, Abby, and Bishop. While his connection may not be as deep as some, Vance’s perilous situation becomes a compelling reason for old friends to reunite.

Gibbs, who may be in grief in Alaska, might be convinced to return if it meant saving Vance, a man who has always had his back. Harmon’s return for the 1000th episode promises to be a significant moment in NCIS history, especially given that he missed previous anniversaries.

Don’t miss the electrifying reunion as Vance takes the lead in NCIS’ monumental 1000th episode!”

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