NCIS season 21: Michael Weatherly Speaks About ‘True Feelings’ of Tony DiNozzo Return for Ducky Tribute

In a bittersweet surprise, Michael Weatherly returned as Agent Tony DiNozzo for a special tribute episode honoring the popular character Ducky Mallard, played by the late David McCallum.

The episode, titled “The Stories We Leave Behind,” crafted by Brian Dietzen (who plays Jimmy Palmer), beautifully honored Ducky’s legacy with shared memories and closure on one of his unfinished cases.

Fans were moved to tears when DiNozzo reconnected with Palmer after an eight-year separation and presented her with a black bow tie in honor of Ducky. Weatherly took to X to voice his feelings, calling his homecoming “truly amazing” and praising the friendship behind the scenes.

He also praised Daniela Ruah, who directed the episode, adding another layer of significance to the heartfelt tribute.

Fans praised DiNozzo’s comeback on social media, calling it a great moment and a long-awaited reunion.

In a brief yet poignant appearance, DiNozzo seamlessly slipped back into the NCIS world, evoking nostalgia and reminding viewers of the enduring legacy of the characters they’ve come to love.

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