Michael Weatherly sparked a fan frenzy with throwback to his pre-NCIS role, which he described as ‘Completely Amazing’


MICHAEL WEATHERLY surprised his Twitter followers with a behind-the-scenes photo from his early TV career before joining the cast of NCIS.

NCIS agent Anthony DiNozzo (played by Michael Weatherly) may have left the long-running cr1me series after 15 seasons, but he remains one of the cast’s most popular members. The actor, who is now starring in CBS’s more recent drama, Bull, sparked a Twitter frenzy when he posted a rarely seen sneak peek at his role in an ABC television movie from shortly after his days on the Fox cult classic, Dark Angel.

Michael’s behind-the-scenes photo from his role in the TV movie The Mystery of Natalie Wood has gone viral.

Michael portrayed actor Robert Wagner in Peter Bogdanovich’s biographical film, opposite Justine Waddell as West Side Story star Natalie.

The actor’s on-screen father in NCIS, Anthony DiNozzo Sr, was later played by the real Robert, who appeared in 13 episodes.

“I’m having a Robert Wagner flashback… as my hair reminisces about having hair,” Michael captioned the photo.


“By the way, we shot this in Australia, and it was completely amazing.” #thursdaythrowback after #darkangel and before #NCIS.”

Michael looked exactly like Robert in the unearthed photo, complete with a tan suit, cravat, and a long, 1970s-style haircut.

Kayla Zampino commented below the post, saying, “I remember watching this when it aired on tv, it was good!”

“It’s a shame it’s so difficult to find a physical copy of the movie.”

“I always thought casting Robert Wagner as your father on #NCIS was a good idea!” Rose Goldenberg added. You have a striking resemblance to him!”

Michael was cast as his future screen parent shortly after finishing his two-season run on Fox’s Dark Angel.

In the science fiction drama set in a dystopian 2019, the former NCIS regular originally starred as cyber-journalist Logan Cale.

The James Cameron-created series launched the careers of Hollywood stars Jessica Alba, Michael, Jensen Ackles, and Kevin Durand, among others.

Luz “MW & RW together you’re absolutely fantastic both in front and behind the camera,” Angela Vallejo J said.

“I wish you could do something else with your TV dad.” And your hair is still stunning, a big hug from Colombia.”

@bettydla responded, “Is this the film about him and Natalie in which you played him?”


“If that’s the case, I saw this a few years ago and thought, wow, first you played Robert Wagner, and now he’s cast as Sr on #NCIS.” The resemblance is astounding…”

“Loved #NCIS episodes with Dinozzo Snr, your screen chemistry was amazing,” said @C HarrisonLFC. “I long for the days of the old Gibbs team.”

Fans of the classic NCIS run can now watch old episodes on Disney+, though the series may never be the same without long-running team leader Leroy Gibbs (Mark Harmon).

As Michael’s time on his new show, Bull, comes to an end, fans are hoping for a return of agent DiNozzo at some point during the upcoming 20th season.

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