Michael Weatherly Sets ‘NCIS’ Fans on Fire by Teasing a DiNozzo-Ziva Reunion in 2023


Michael Weatherly is a total snob. It’s almost as if he’s his NCIS character, Tony DiNozzo, as he teases his Twitter followers about a possible return to the show.

And this time, Weatherly delivered even more explosive news. Tony may return with Ziva David. That would revitalize a Gibb-less NCIS.

On New Year’s Day, Weatherly found himself answering fan questions. On Saturday, 2023, he’d wished everyone a Happy 2023. “We all would rather look at you and Ziva reuniting and enjoying that moment,” one of his many ardent supporters observed.

“Stay tuned… for this could be an interesting year for such “moments,” the NCIS ex responded.

Weatherly’s Tony DiNozzo was once one of the most popular characters on network television. Tony was Gibbs’ right-hand man (Mark Harmon). And, with all of his nicknames and movie quotes, he frequently provided the show’s levity. Tony imagined himself to be a dashing ladies’ man. In 2023, his behavior is unlikely to be tolerated in the workplace. But DiNozzo won our hearts over two decades ago.

If Weatherly wasn’t serious, fans were ready to give him a Gibbs swat on the head.

“Don’t tease us like that!” exclaimed one fan to Weatherly. “I’ve been looking forward to that reunion for a long time!” (Us, too).

“I’m…not buying this…until I see evidence!” wrote another. The word “might” does not imply that it will occur. Michael Weatherly, please stop teasing us! And this gif will represent me until I see what happens at the “supposed” moment.” Tony said “whatever” in the gif. He was probably talking to McGee at the time.

DiNozzo’s first partner, Kate Todd, was k1lled by a sniper’s bullet at the end of season two. Cote de Pablo was cast as Ziva, a Mossad agent who initially worked as a liaison with NCIS. Kate was murd3red by her half brother. Ziva and Tony became coworkers who had a lot of chemistry. They even collaborated undercover as a couple. But for the most part, Tony was swatting away Ziva’s insults.

In 2013, DePablo left the show. There was no big character farewell. Season 11 instead began with a two-part premiere. Ziva had returned to Israel and made the decision to stay. Tony tried to persuade her not to leave, but she refused.


When Weatherly decided to leave NCIS in 2016, fans learned more about Ziva. Tony found out Ziva was k1lled in a bomb blast at her father’s farmhouse. DiNozzo also discovered he was the father of Ziva’s daughter, Tali. No one in the office knew Tony and Ziva had ever been intimate until they found out about Tali. Tony left NCIS with Gibbs’ approval to care for his young daughter.

But, because we’re talking about TV miracles, Ziva didn’t actually die. She pretended to die in order to find out who was attempting to murd3r her. She was back on NCIS for the season 16 finale. De Pablo reprised her role as Ziva for four more episodes. And when she left again, it was to return to Tony in Paris.

So why not resurrect them both? After NCIS, Weatherly starred in another CBS series. Bull, on the other hand, ended its run last spring. Meanwhile, de Pablo is not listed on IMDB as having any upcoming unfinished projects. Perhaps both actors can pull it off.

“Hey man, it’s too early in the year to mess with my emotions,” a fan told Weatherly. “However, I hope you both do something amazing together this year.”

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