Michael Weatherly Sends Fans Into Meltdown as He Teases A Return of ‘Tony Dinozzo’


Michael Weatherly, formerly known as NCIS Agent Tony DiNozzo, has sparked a frenzy among NCIS fans by confirming his return to work following the conclusion of his most recent series.

Michael Weatherly, a long-time NCIS star, left his role as Agent DiNozzo in 2016 to take on another iconic CBS drama, Bull, for several years. Fans of Michael’s wise-cracking special agent, Dr Jason Bull, have been pleading with the star to make a triumphant return, and Michael’s latest tweets on Twitter appear to hint that this may happen much sooner than expected.

NCIS fans were ecstatic when former DiNozzo star Michael confirmed this week that he has begun to line up more projects.

On Thursday, he revealed on Twitter that he had spent some time in Los Angeles, where the majority of the NCIS franchise is shot.

Michael posted a photo of himself in New York and promised his followers that exciting news was on the way.

“I’m back in NYC after a whirlwind few days in LA,” he explained. “I’m happy to report that a lot of interesting things are happening at work… “Watch this space!”

Michael is holding a red sign that reads ‘Sensitive surface, use caution’ in the accompanying image, which could be a hint at his next role.

Many of his fans assumed that the upcoming updates would confirm DiNozzo’s return to NCIS.

He could also be planning a reunion with Agent Ziva David (Cote de Pablo), who made a brief appearance in seasons 16 and 17.

Because the show is based in Los Angeles, it’s possible he’s been meeting with the show’s producers to discuss a return as the beloved agent in the near future.

“That is the best news, it all sounds very intriguing,” @AussieFan13 responded. Is it possible you’ll be rushing to the lift again, Special Agent Dinozzo?”

“Anything connected to one ‘Very special agent’….?” inquired @donutsdebsdibs.

“Oh, yay!!” Sherri Keefer yelled. “This would be an incredible Christmas present for us fans, Michael!! LA!!! “My mind is racing with NCIS ideas!!”

Tim Miller remarked, “Your hair looks very…DiNozzo-like…”

“Michael, you look fantastic! “We are thrilled with your news,” Carol Mitchell said.

“I hope that some, if not all, of your ‘interesting things’ will include our lovely Cote de Pablo.”

“That ‘work front,’ better be a Tony and Ziva reunion/wedding episode,” Davey Hart added. Come on, man, we’re all in need of closure.”

Michael previously stated in a previous post that he hoped to return for “another round” on the NCIS team for the next stage of his career.

He tweeted at the end of November, “So at sushi lunch, the server asked ‘what’s next, Michael?'” I mentioned a podcast and possibly an indie film, as well as another round of DiNozzo at some point.

“She looked me in the eyes and said, ‘no-sorry – what’s your next sushi dish?’ Humbled, I of course requested jalapeo hamachi. And the money.”

Although DiNozzo’s return is becoming more likely by the day, it is still unclear whether Michael will return permanently as a member of the main cast or only as a guest star.

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