Michael Weatherly Explains Why Leaving NCIS Was Better For His Kids


Michael Weatherly, best known for his role on NCIS, chose family above stardom, putting his three children first. Weatherly left the show in 2016 and cited his children’s critical ages as a motivating reason.

With more time to spend with Olivia, Liam, and his eldest, August, Weatherly stressed the thrill of being wrapped around his children’s fingers. Balancing power and nurture remains difficult, but for Weatherly, the benefits of parenthood surpass any Hollywood attention.

The Celebrity and His Family Reside in New York City.

“I’m just a sucker and I’m trying very hard to be authority dad,” he explained, adding, “As a lot of working parents know, when you’re not around a lot and then you’re with your kids, it’s very difficult to just come in and be the strict one because then you’re just a [expletive]” but maintaining, “You don’t want to be too soft.”

Even though he misses being a part of NCIS, he insists that the pay-off, being able to spend more time with his family, is unquestionably a worthy reward.

He Recently Shared A Glimpse of His Family’s Halloween Celebrations.

“I think a lot about the kids and the time I get to spend with them now, at this age of four and two and a half, which is such a critical time,” Michael said.

“They just have some extraordinary things going on in their lives, and they have great questions for me about why frogs and crickets make sort of the same sound,” he joked.

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