The Reality Behind Michael Weatherly and Bojana Jankovic’s Marriage

Before finding his forever love with Bojana Jankovic, Michael Weatherly, known for iconic roles on “NCIS” and “Bull,” had his share of Hollywood romances. He tied the knot with Amelie Heinle in 1995 but parted ways in 1997 after a son. Then, a high-profile engagement to Jessica Alba fizzled out in 2003. But Weatherly’s outlook on love shifted, leading him to a remarkable woman outside the spotlight.

Enter Bojana Jankovic, a renowned endocrinologist and oncologist. While she is hardly a household name in Hollywood, her career achievements speak eloquently, including nominations for “Top Doctor” in New York. Their love story is both unique and inspiring, proving that genuine love knows no boundaries. Learn how this dynamic team met and formed a lasting friendship despite life’s twists and turns.

George Clooney Encouraged Michael Weatherly To Remain Single.

After brushes with divorce and a halted engagement, Michael Weatherly embraced the single life, taking cues from Hollywood’s eternal bachelor, George Clooney. But fate had other plans. A chance encounter at a Vancouver bar in 2007 brought Weatherly face to face with his future wife, Bojana Jankovic. Despite initial long-distance hurdles, their connection blossomed, leading to a move to Los Angeles and marriage in 2009.

Their love story continued to grow as they had daughter Olivia in 2012 and son Liam 18 months later. With family at the forefront, Weatherly made the daring decision to leave “NCIS” for new challenges, prioritizing valuable time with his family. Today, he values his role as a devoted father and husband above all else, demonstrating the transformational power of love and family.

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