Meet Mark Harmon’s Children with His 34-Year-Old Co-Star Wife Who Sacrificed Fame to Be a Mother

Mark Harmon is a remarkable winner both on and off the big screen. The “NCIS” star, on the other hand, would not have had it easy without the help of his excellent partner, Pam Dawber, who gave up her fame to care for their family. Inside the incredible love story of the couple.

Before meeting the notorious series actress Pam Dawber, “NCIS” star Mark Harmon was a handsome bachelor who was named the sexiest man alive. With their epic love story, the couple made fairytale romance a reality.

This did not happen overnight because their relationship required some sacrifices and shared values. Their marriage has lasted 35 years, and they have two impressive adult sons to show for it.


Harmon and his wife of many years are very private about the details they spew to the public; it has been their saving grace recipe, keeping them out of the prying eyes of the media.

With a love story as old as theirs, they easily make it to the headlines and have served as an example to younger generations who want to record a successful Hollywood marriage.

What appears to be a heavenly love affair that has lasted nearly four decades began in 1986. They met at a party where a mutual friend introduced them, so not much is known about their first meeting (they are indeed private).

It makes no difference whether the spark was instantaneous or not. The couple appears to have formed an unbreakable bond. It didn’t take long for the couple to get engaged, and Dawber proudly hinted that she was ready to settle down with Mr. Right.

Following the announcement of her engagement, the actress admitted that they are not trying to be secretive, but rather want to keep their cherished memories private from the prying eyes of the media.

With their level of privacy, it was unsurprising that the couple was rumored to have split up before their romance began. Nonetheless, the “Mond & Mindy” alum was adamant about not disclosing any details about their affair, other than the fact that it would be a small wedding ceremony.

This decision was also influenced by what she saw at a friend’s wedding. Dawber and Harmon had previously dated Julianne and Bruce Springsteen. The actress revealed at their lavish wedding that the bride was in tears due to the media’s obsessive intrusion.


Dawber has not been silent about the difficulties she faced as a Hollywood star who prioritized family over career. When she married Harmon, another Hollywood powerhouse, the mother of two was a promising actress, but she somehow gave up her fame to raise the family while her husband remained in the spotlight.

During an interview, the mother of two discussed how she maintains a successful marriage while working in show business.

“I don’t think two people can work full-time in show business and stay married,” she says. Dawber also discussed the realities of motherhood. She elaborated,

“I was able to perform on Broadway. I was able to participate in musical theater. I was given the opportunity to perform cartoon voices. I tried everything in this business, and then I had kids and decided, ‘I’m not going to chase this fame thing.'”

The mother of two was fully involved in her children’s lives while staying at home. She chose to live as a non-celebrity, focusing on typical motherhood duties such as driving the boys to school, teaching in their art class, and surprising them with sweet treats.

Dawber acknowledged that it was a different life, but she maintained the role out of sheer happiness. Taking a back seat in the spotlight mirrored how she operated at home.

The actress’s sons have yet to see her onscreen credits, but that is unimportant because their father’s reputation is already intimidating. Harmon’s wife, as expected, never divulges any information about her home or children.

She is mostly concerned with being a mother and makes few on-screen appearances. Recently, the “Mork & Mindy” alum worked on “The Odd Couple” to pay tribute to Gary Marshall, who cast her in the classic series.

Dawber isn’t the only one who cares about his family. Her famous husband is also a wonderful father. The “St. Elsewhere” star became obsessed with spending time with his family after becoming a father for the first time in 1988.

Despite appearing in hit songs and basking in the glitz and glam of fame, Harmon remained devoted to his family and always made time for them. Now that the boys are older, the actor admits that such values are part of their daily lives. In his own words:

“It’s not even a choice; it’s just the way we are. We stay at home a lot. I’m not a fan of Twitter or Facebook. Our sons aren’t interested either. Pam and I have both made a living in this business, and there is still a part of it that isn’t natural.”

While the couple has similar ideas, they have also appeared on television as co-stars. Harmon, who played Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs for eighteen years, appeared in four episodes alongside his beloved partner. Dawber played Marcie Warren, an investigative journalist who works closely with Special Agent Gibbs.


Sean is the “apple that didn’t fall far from the tree,” as the couple’s first child inherited his parents’ acting abilities. The young man, who is already a dominant actor, has appeared on TV shows such as “NCIS,” “CSI: NY,” “Hold On,” and “Major Cr1mes” as young agent Gibbs.

Sean also works as a stuntman, having appeared in films such as “American Reunion,” “The Sweet Taste of Redemption,” “Alone,” and “Dumb and Dumber To.”

Harmon’s first son is outspoken; while he avoids revealing too much, as the family code states, the young actor enjoys sharing some of his privacy on Instagram, where he posts photos.

When Sean proposed to his girlfriend in Greenough, Montana, last year, he posted a photo montage of the couple enjoying the green fields and horseback riding.

As an example, “Ahhh, here we go! To my ride-or-d1e, badass, babe sandwich of a partner… There is nothing in this world that we cannot accomplish together, and nothing in this world that I would want to do without you… My love, welcome to the family.”


Ty Christain, who readers can see in a picture on The Things, has a talent for the entertainment industry like his brother and parents, but he chose to stay behind the camera as a screenwriter. The 1992-born man keeps a low profile but excels in his field. He wrote the script for the film “Catholic Schoolgirl Chainsaw Showdown.”

Ty Christain, unlike Sean, does not reveal personal information about himself or his family. The screenwriter would rather spend time with his family than share posts that he considers less important.

Regardless of their personalities or jobs, Dawber and her husband adore their children and are extremely proud of their choices. The actress is a supporter of privacy, and she once stated:

“You may have noticed that we are not featured in any magazines. That’s real life when you’re married. And to go plaster your kids… I apologize. That is not acceptable to me.”

Harmon, on the other hand, has faith in his sons’ abilities and independence. According to the father of two, “I’m proud of both of our sons, and they put in a lot of effort. And I’m proud of them for getting up in the morning and attempting to do so every day.”

Making compromises, especially when the couple involved is on the same page, is a basic recipe for a successful Hollywood marriage, as demonstrated by Dawber and Harmon. Cheers to their 35th anniversary (100th in the Hollywood calendar) as a force!

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  1. So gratifying to see how not involved the Harmons are in the typical Hollywood scene. You have folks have created an awesome family unit in spite of the celebrity status. Appreciate all the good times watching you folks in all your endeavors on tv. Well done and God bless.

  2. I’ve watched NCIS for many many years; but once Mark Harmon left, I lost interest.
    I never had any interest in the NCIS: Hawaii.
    I liked NCIS: New Orleans. But that’s about it.

  3. Theirs is a wonderful partnership and rare in Hollywood. I admire both of them. For those unfamiliar with Pam Dawber, the show she was on “Mork and Mindy” was one of the top shows back in the 70’s, perhaps 60’s, and she played the role on Mindy to Robin Williams’ Mork. It was quite a fun show.

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