Medalion Rahimi from NCIS L.A pays tribute to her “favorite” director as his time at CBS comes to an end


Medalion Rahimi, star of NCIS: Los Angeles, paid a special tribute to her favorite director after her Disney Plus role ended.

Medalion Rahimi, the star of NCIS Los Angeles, left her role as Fatima Namazi on the CBS procedural series earlier this year after landing a major role in the Disney Plus scandal, Pam and Tommy. Rahimi paid a heartfelt tribute to her favorite director after the controversial biopic was officially released.

Rahimi made her NCIS LA debut as Fatima in the season 10 episode titled ‘Smokescreen.’

She would frequently assist the team on various occasions prior to being assigned as a Special Agent, as she had originally hoped to join the NCIS Field Office in Washington DC.

When she became a permanent member of the Office of Special Projects (OSP) Team, Fatima quickly changed her mind because she realized she wanted to be closer to Los Angeles.


There, she was able to work on more covert investigations that had to remain top secret as the team took on operations aimed at preventing t3rr0rism.

Despite the fact that Fatima has remained a series regular, actress Rahimi took on another role earlier this year.

Rahimi left the role of Danielle in the Disney Plus biopic Pam and Tommy, where she played a devout Muslim.

She played Erica’s (Taylor Schilling) roommate, voicing her displeasure with Rand Gauthier’s (Seth Rogen) actions.

The true impact of the sex tape on Pamela Anderson was demonstrated in episode seven, titled ‘Destroyer of the Worlds,’ after Erica and Daniella realized it was Erica’s husband who leaked the footage.

It showed the tragedy that occurred when Pamela lost key roles in Austin Powers and L.A. Confidential, as well as honing in on how much of a violation it was.

Pam and Tommy premiered in February to mixed reviews from viewers, who praised the show for highlighting the dangers of the internet.

It was also mocked because it brought the sex tape back to life, especially after Pamela Anderson expressed her displeasure with the series.

After the stars walked the red carpet for the finale premiere, Rahimi took to Instagram to pay tribute to the film’s director, Lake Bell.

“One of my favorite directors to work with on the set of (Pam and Tommy) and not to mention one of my favorite actors of all time!” the actress wrote alongside a photo of the showrunner.

“(Lake Bell), the way you approached every scene with such zeal, sensitivity, and grace is so, so inspiring; I’m so grateful to have worked with you.”


Rahimi also dedicated a post to the show after attending the season finale red carpet premiere.

Rahimi wrote a special caption in addition to sharing a series of photos and videos from the night.

“What an incandescent evening celebrating the series finale of (Pam and Tommy)!” it read. I was ecstatic to meet some of my idols.

“I hope this show continues the conversation about the toxic side of the internet and celebrity culture, as well as the media’s disparaging treatment of women.” Pam, we adore you!”

Several of her NCIS LA co-stars, including Daniela Ruah and Renee Felice Smith, congratulated and praised Rahimi in her comments.

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