Mark Harmon and Sean Harmon Discusses ‘NCIS: Origins,’ Spinoff Replaces ‘Hawaii’ Time Slot

Mark and Sean Harmon discussed their upcoming NCIS spinoff, “NCIS: Origins,” in a recent interview. The series, affectionately dubbed “Young Gibbs,” was created by Sean based on his idea and has high expectations from CBS after replacing the canceled “Hawaii” time slot. Mark and Sean are excited about the series and its potential success.

Mark and Sean Harmon Discuss About ‘NCIS: Origins’

Mark and Sean Harmon recently spoke with ET about the impending NCIS prequel spinoff, Origins. Mark emphasized the new series’ uniqueness by contrasting it with the original. Set in 1990, it offers viewers unexplored territory. Sean, who came up with the idea, expressed his enthusiasm for a project that had been in the works for years. Reflecting on his character, he acknowledged his father’s influence and expressed thanks for the opportunity to bring this “special” story to life.

The Enthralling Spinoff Prequel Set in ‘Another Era’

Mark Harmon will narrate NCIS: Origins, a spinoff prequel set in 1990. Featuring Easter eggs for long-time fans, the series promises a fresh take due to its different era. Austin Stowell plays a young Gibbs, with Kyle Schmid as his mentor, Mike Franks. Mariel Molino portrays Special Agent Lala Dominguez, known for her dark humor, while Tyla Abercrombie takes on the role of Field Operations Support Officer Mary Jo Sullivan. NCIS: Origins replaces NCIS: Hawaii in the Monday night 10 p.m. Eastern time slot on CBS.

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