Mark Harmon’s Secret Life Before NCIS


Mark Harmon, well known for his depiction of Leroy Gibbs on the TV show NCIS, has an unexpected past that gives depth to his on-screen presence. Harmon, now 72, worked as a carpenter before becoming the stoic special agent we see on TV.

In a recent video discussing his career before NCIS, Harmon revealed his passion for carpentry, describing how he relished the routine and precision of the craft. Despite facing challenges in finding steady work, he remained dedicated to the profession, even considering a return if not for his success in show business.

Harmon also worked as an ad salesman and briefly played college football, where he excelled before deciding to pursue acting. His broad background and perseverance in the face of adversity helped turn him into the multifaceted actor that fans know and love.

Aside from his professional endeavors, Harmon’s personal life reflects his humble beginnings and strong family ties. With roots tracing back to a lineage of athletes and artists, he carries on a legacy of determination and talent.

Harmon’s multifarious career, from his surprising teen employment as a flower delivery guy to his lasting love for beer, which has been featured in memorable ads, demonstrates his journey from humble origins to Hollywood fame.

As fans continue to reminisce about his iconic role as Gibbs, Harmon’s past as a carpenter serves as a reminder of the depth and authenticity he brings to his craft, making him an integral part of the NCIS legacy.

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