Mark Harmon’s Potential Return to ‘NCIS’ – A Ray of Hope for Fans

Introduction: Fans of the long-running CBS drama NCIS were heartbroken when Mark Harmon, who played Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, stepped aside following the show’s 19th season.

However, recent interviews and clues from cast members imply that Harmon’s comeback may be possible in the forthcoming Season 20 finale.

Rocky Carroll’s Insights: In a recent interview with TV Insider, Mark Harmon’s friend and co-star, Rocky Carroll, discussed the possibilities of Gibbs making a comeback.

Carroll hinted that fans might run into the legendary agent again, keeping the door open for Harmon’s return. Carroll emphasized that Gibbs is the moral compass of the show, and his presence is deeply missed by both the cast and crew.

Cast and Crew Expressing Miss: Several NCIS cast and crew members have openly expressed their desire for Mark Harmon’s return. Sean Murray, who plays Timothy McGee, even commented on Gibbs making an unexpected return.

During an interview, showrunner Stephen D. Binder expressed hope, saying he couldn’t fathom the program without Gibbs and hinting at a possible return.

Harmon’s Unique Connection: Despite his departure from the on-screen role, Mark Harmon still maintains a unique connection to NCIS as an executive producer.

This connection means that whenever Harmon decides to return to the show, he will be warmly welcomed back, adding to the optimism surrounding his potential comeback.

Circumstances Surrounding Harmon’s Departure: Harmon’s exit from NCIS was meticulously planned, with the actor assuring the show’s continuation by returning briefly at the start of Season 19. Gibbs left the team following a key storyline involving a paid Hitman and a mission to Alaska, bringing his narrative arc to a close.

Mark Harmon’s Retirement Decision: Mark Harmon’s decision to retire from the role of Agent Gibbs was rooted in his desire for fresh and challenging opportunities after 18 seasons. In an interview accompanying the Season 19 DVD release, Harmon mentioned that Gibbs is not retired as a character, leaving the possibility open for guest appearances in the future.

The Legacy of Leroy Gibbs: While Gibbs has not returned, the show has preserved his memory by mentioning him in at least three episodes of the current season. The many mentions of Gibbs throughout the plot pique fans’ interest in the possibility of his return.

Conclusion: As fans eagerly await the Season 20 finale, the prospect of Mark Harmon’s return to NCIS remains uncertain but promising. The show’s creators, cast, and crew continue to express their affection for the character, leaving the door open for Gibbs to make a memorable comeback and provide closure to the iconic series.

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