Mark Harmon’s Heroic Act Was Revealed When He Once Saved the Life of A Young Boy


Mark Harmon will be sorely missed on NCIS, where he played Leroy Gibbs for over two decades.

Furthermore, the actor channeled his alter-ego in a heroic act of bravery back in the 1990s, which has not been forgotten, particularly by the young boy he saved.

Two teenagers were driving down his street in 1996 when their car crashed and caught fire. The driver was able to free himself, but the passenger, Colin Specht, was unable to do so.

Mark saw what happened and reacted quickly by breaking into the car’s window with a sledgehammer, breaking the window and thus assisting in bringing Colin out safely.

Colin discussed the incident several years later in an interview with CBS, saying he “would not be alive” if Mark hadn’t saved him.

In real life, Mark Harmon is a hero.

Meanwhile, Mark remained incredibly humble about the whole thing, telling the publication in 2013: “I won’t take credit for it, because if the car explodes and I’m there next to the car, then you’re talking about two young boys who don’t have a father.”

While the actor left NCIS last season, he is still remembered by his fans, who recently mentioned him after Mark’s former co-star Sean Murray shared a backstage photo of the cast on the show.

The photo looked like a Christmas card, and everyone in the group appeared to be happy and relaxed.

Many people commented that Mark should be in the picture, with one saying, “Love this but where is Gibbs?” referring to Mark’s alter-ego, Leroy Gibbs. “Really nice picture, but I miss Gibbs,” said another. “It’s not the same without Gibbs,” said a third.


While Gibbs is no longer a character on the show, neither he nor Mark have been forgotten. During an interview with Looper, Brian Dietzen recently opened up about his good friend, who had been on the show with him for 20 years.

“On a personal note, I’m really thankful I got to work with Mark and call him a friend for that many years,” he said of Mark, and how it felt now that he was gone. I feel the same way about everyone I’ve worked with there.

“For the past 20 years, it’s been a wonderful, wonderful place.” As people come and go from our set, it feels like you’re constantly meeting new family members and making new friends.”

He described Mark’s absence from the show as a “massive change.”

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