Mark Harmon is No Longer on ‘NCIS,’ But He is Still an Important Part of The Show

In the fourth episode of season 19, Mark Harmon and his character Leroy Jethro Gibbs appeared to say their final goodbyes to NCIS.

However, a recent episode revealed that Gibbs remains an important part of television’s most-watched drama. And some fans believe they’ve discovered a clue that proves the beloved character will return.

Since October 2021, Mark Harmon Has Not Been Seen on ‘NCIS’

Harmon, who played Gibbs, led the series since its inception in 2003. Fans were surprised when he bid farewell to McGee (Sean Murray) and the team in Season 19, Episode 4 “Great Wide Open,” after finding peace in Alaska. Although Harmon was expected to have a smaller role in Season 19, Gibbs has not appeared since that episode. However, his name is still frequently mentioned.

Gibbs is Still An Important Part of ‘NCIS.’

Gibbs is still an important element of ‘NCIS.’ In the season 19 winter premiere, “Pledge of Allegiance,” the mystery of $10,000 payments in McGee and Palmer’s bank accounts is revealed. Vance exposes the secret at the end of the episode: “I just wanted to greet you as the newest members of the Leroy Jethro Gibbs College Scholarship Club.”

For Decades, Gibbs Had Kept A Secret.

Vance told McGee and Palmer that Gibbs had been helping NCIS agents send their kids to college for decades. When they tried to return the money, saying it was too generous, Vance revealed that Gibbs had also helped him when his kids were younger.

“Gibbs dedicated the fund to his daughter, Kelly,” Vance explained. “He started it for her college but continued adding to it after she died, helping many agents’ families since. ‘Kelly’s kids’ are all going to college in her honor.”

Is Mark Harmon Returning To ‘NCIS’?

Palmer expressed a desire to thank Gibbs in person for the money, to which Vance responded, “Hopefully one day you will.” While it was not a certainty that Harmon would return, it did give supporters optimism. Some believe a clue signals Gibbs’ reappearance before the end of season 19.

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