Mark Harmon, Star of ‘NCIS’, Once Appeared on A ‘Happy Days’ Spinoff


There aren’t many shows that are as popular as NCIS. For decades, the CBS drama has been a ratings powerhouse. For many years, the show’s mainstay was its star, Mark Harmon.

Although this was a significant break for Harmon in the industry, many people are unaware of another appearance by the former NCIS star. Yes, NCIS star Mark Harmon appeared on Outsiders, a ‘Happy Days’ spinoff.

However, which show did Harmon appear on? It was, after all, Laverne and Shirley. Yes, Harmon did appear in one of the episodes. It should also be noted that during this time, Harmon appeared in a variety of television roles.

Harmon didn’t really shine as a permanent fixture on a television show until The West Wing and later NCIS.

Workout Routine of Mark Harmon

Harmon is serious about his acting, but he is also serious about his fitness.


“I was a jock, so I came from a place where all you were trying to do was play the game and play it well—most of that is about not letting people know what you’re thinking or doing,” Harmon told Men’s Journal. You try very hard to control everything at the start of this chase. As an actor, you have no say in the matter. Stepping away from it and not focusing so much on it is sometimes necessary. Sometimes throwing the ball through the tire more times than the next guy is a better strategy.”

He was a unique type of actor. It was a different world as well. He needed to understand the distinctions between acting and sports. In the former, you have far less control.

“When you’re 18 to 22, you’re never out of shape,” Harmon concluded. Training is what you do; it’s what you wake up thinking about and what you go to bed thinking about, and it’s your job. I’m not sure if that has changed for me.


I’m usually aware of the job I have, whether it’s this one or another. It’s about the physical as much as it is about anything mental. I try to take care of myself by eating well and getting enough sleep. I’m not doing the same things I was doing when I was 24.”

Training had been a part of his life since he was a child. His training, however, evolved as he grew older. The situations around him changed as a result of his job. Harmon, on the other hand, had a happy ending. Every week, CBS broadcasts NCIS.

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