Mark Harmon Shows His Shocking Reason for Joining NCIS


Mark Harmon will always be known as Leroy Jethro Gibbs among NCIS fans. While he was not the initial choice for the job, he quickly made it his own, helping to cement the naval procedural as one of the most consistent shows on television.

Consistency, it turns out, was one of the reasons the actor was drawn to the role of Gibbs.

While he is one of many actors on strike, Harmon has been able to promote and discuss his new non-fiction book, Ghosts of Honolulu: A Japanese Spy, a Japanese American Spy Hunter, and the Untold Story of Pearl Harbor, revealing some intriguing details about his time on NCIS.

How Many Children Does Mark Harmon Have..?

Mark Harmon, famed for his role on NCIS, once told People about the rigorous nature of the show’s production, detailing days when he worked diligently for up to 22 hours.

Despite the hurdles, he found a way to prioritize family time, which was his original goal for entering the series.

Harmon, who has two kids with actress Pam Dawber, acknowledged the difficulties of missing some important times in his children’s life due to job obligations, but he welcomed the chance NCIS afforded to spend meaningful time with them, notably by providing breakfast on weekends.

Harmon’s symbiotic connection with NCIS paid off, with the program remaining successful and Harmon making important contributions as both an actor and executive producer. While his return for a cameo in future seasons is questionable, his influence on the program is undeniable.

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