Mark Harmon is Not the Only ‘NCIS’ Star Whose Return Isn’t Met with Enthusiasm from the Cast


Both Michael Weatherly and Mark Harmon have been linked to a return to ‘NCIS’ since their characters left the show.

Fans have eagerly anticipating the possible return of several important characters from the hit cr1me program NCIS. However, the excitement does not appear to be shared by the entire cast and crew.

Mark Harmon isn’t the only NCIS star whose probable return is causing controversy. Rumors about Michael Weatherly’s return have also surfaced, prompting a surge of replies that reflect a less-than-enthusiastic reception from some of his co-stars.

The cast of ‘NCIS’ is dissatisfied with Michael Weatherly’s return to the show.

NCIS fans are excited to see familiar faces return to the show. However, the popular cr1me drama’s actors and crew do not share the same sentiment.

Weatherly’s reappearance as Anthony “Tony” DiNozzo has sparked speculation. Most spectators appear to support the decision, but his other cast members do not.

Conversations and chats among the group, according to Radar Online, suggest a lack of excitement over Weatherly’s prospective return. Some think of him as a braggart, while others think of him as self-centered.

“The cast is talking and texting among themselves, and the mood is anything but jubilant,” a person familiar with the situation said. “Michael’s known as a big ham to some — and a narcissistic egomaniac to others.”

Weatherly has hinted at “exciting” prospects, fueling speculation over his return. Despite the anticipation, no formal announcement has been made regarding Weatherly’s return.

Meanwhile, persistent Hollywood strikes are preventing the production of new NCIS episodes, leaving both the cast and staff waiting for work to resume.

Mark Harmon’s co-stars are also dissatisfied with his prospective return.

Harmon’s departure on NCIS after 19 seasons as Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs had fans and fellow cast members yearning for his return.

Despite suggestions of a possible return, sources have told Radar Online that Harmon may not return to the cast after all.


His erratic position on returning has strained relations with his co-stars. Many cast members expected his participation to boost the show’s ratings.

While it appears that most people wanted Harmon back on the show, his focus has switched to his latest project, a nonfiction book titled Ghosts of Honolulu.

“When he was bored, a return to NCIS sounded like a good idea.” “He’s less enthused now that he’s found something interesting,” an insider said.

This book delves into the Office of Naval Intelligence, a forerunner to the agency featured on NCIS, exhibiting his ongoing fascination with the issue.

Harmon’s book is set to be published in November 2023.

Here are some of Mark Harmon’s co-stars’ reactions to his comeback.

According to reports, Harmon has not yet decided whether or not to return to the successful CBS show. However, neither he nor the network have openly addressed the idea of the previous lead actor returning.

Some of Harmon’s former co-stars have hinted at his possible comeback to NCIS, according to Hello Magazine. Rocky Carroll’s character, Leon Vance, teased, “We might see Gibbs again.” I believe that as long as this show is on the air, there will always be a hint that we might see Gibbs again.”

Carroll went on to say, “Gibbs is the moral compass.” He’s the moral compass we’d all like to have.”

Sean Murray, best known as Timothy McGee, feels Harmon’s character will make a surprise debut. Murray did not, however, predict when Harmon would return.

Harmon’s importance to the show and network management is apparent as an ongoing executive producer for the drama. The showrunner, Steven D. Binder, expressed his desire for Mark to return, saying, “I don’t see how we don’t see him one more time at some point.”


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