Linda Hunt’s Salary on ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: How Much Does She Make Per Episode..?


Linda Hunt began her role as NCIS Office of Special Projects Operations Manager Hetty Lange during the 2009 premiere of “NCIS: Los Angeles.” Since then, the actress has remained an iconic and vital cast member on the CBS show. As one of the show’s mainstay cast members for more than a decade, the actress now earns a good living.

The spin-off series grew out of the flagship show “NCIS.” After 13 seasons, it averages 7.8 million viewers per episode. The show’s massive audience attests to its success. Furthermore, the viewership total demonstrates the fans’ unwavering love and support for the LA-based characters.

Hetty, on the other hand, does not always appear in the most 3xpl0sive “NCIS: Los Angeles” scenes. Her actress, on the other hand, earns a staggering $80,000 per episode in all of her character’s dynamism. That begs the question of how much the rest of the star-studded cast earns.

Regardless, fans of the procedural series were concerned that Lange’s actress would leave “NCIS: Los Angeles” soon. Speculation arose because she had made only a few appearances in the previous two seasons. However, with such a sizable salary and the assurance of showrunner R. Scott Gemmill, we can confirm that the “NCIS: Los Angeles” cast member intends to stay. Hunt’s extended absence is due to efforts to keep her safe in the midst of the C0V1D 19 pand3m1c.

According to The List, in addition to her role as “NCIS: Los Angeles'” Hetty Lange, Hunt is also notable for voicing Grandmother Willow in Disney’s “Pochahontas,” as well as her role in “The Practice.”


‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ is gearing up for a January return.

Fans can now breathe a sigh of relief that “NCIS: Los Angeles” regular Linda Hunt has no plans to leave the show. With that, we can look forward to the return of the series on January 2nd. In honor of this, the hit show’s social media managers shared a hilarious promotion on their Twitter page.

Overall, the post denotes the end of “NCIS: Los Angeles'” weeks-long hiatus, leaving Outsiders pumped and anticipating their return.

The advertisement shows two images side by side. The first image shows Kensi and Deeks on a stakeout, the former peering through binoculars. In place of the characters, the network posted a photo of a calendar from January 2022. The calendar is mostly empty, with the exception of a prominently marked event on the 2nd that reads, “NCISLA Returns!!!”

The photo was created by “NCIS: Los Angeles” with a vignette shaped like the binoculars themselves, adding to the post’s humor and creativity.


Cheesy? Just a little. Effective? Definitely.

Fans expressed their delight in the comments section.

“I’m counting the days!” exclaimed one fan. “I can hardly wait. Meanwhile, I’ll be watching old episodes, particularly [Densi] episodes.”

“Can’t wait,” wrote another. “I was missing you guys.”

Similar comments followed, but others said they would be even more excited for the return of “NCIS: Los Angeles” if Hetty appeared.

Now, we return to the beloved actress, hoping to see more of her very soon.

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