Let’s Face It: Mark Harmon is Not Returning to NCIS

It is not always the case that the long-running show is associated with a specific actor.

While everyone in the industry and viewers admire Mariska Hargitay and Ellen Pompeo, who have been the faces of their respective shows, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Grey’s Anatomy for decades, it’s not a career that every actor desires.

It is much better if there are a lot of main characters to follow for the sake of the show and the viewers’ hearts. There will be less drama surrounding their exits.

The best solution is to mix things up every now and then and get a new lead, as suggested by Doctor Who, True Detective, or Bridgerton.

Everyone has their turn, and everyone expects the actors to change all at once. In the end, the premise of the show mitigates the damage. However, not every project can afford such a luxury.

NCIS fans, for example, had to deal with the unexpected departure of one of the franchise’s leading stars. Although the show has survived and is still being produced without the beloved Gibbs, viewers are still wishing for his return.

Will Mark Harmon Reappear on NCIS?

There are numerous opportunities for Gibbs to reappear, as he retired gracefully rather than being tragically k1lled.

On the one hand, this decision delighted fans because the character deserved a happy ending, which is uncommon in procedural dramas.

On the other hand, this exit left the door open for a return, and viewers can’t rule out the possibility that an NCIS spinoff could use it.

Could Gibbs be rehired as a consultant on one of the future cases that some of the teams will face? Absolutely. Could we see the return of a cr1minal who has either evaded capture or evaded justice? Of course, these are the tropes that procedural dramas frequently employ. But will it occur on NCIS? Nobody knows.

Mark Harmon admits in his latest Q&A with Entertainment Tonight that he, like the rest of us, is unsure about his character’s future. Here’s what he had to say about working for Gibbs again:

“He’s probably fishing in a stream up in Alaska.” Is he going to make it out of the river? I’m not sure. But if he is, I’m not aware of it.”

The only thing that is certain is that if the actor has not been contacted about it, it is highly unlikely that this is the case right now. But who knows what the future of the NCIS franchise will bring with the arrival of new seasons? Stay tuned to avoid missing any important news or behind-the-scenes updates.

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