Is Katrina Law Leaving NCIS? Here’s What We Know


The Season 21 conclusion sparked curiosity about Katrina Law’s future on NCIS. In the episode “Reef Madness,” her character, Jessica Knight, receives an appealing employment offer from NCIS Director Leon Vance. As Knight accepted the position of Chief React Training Officer at Camp Pendleton, people wondered if Law was leaving the show.

At present, Law hasn’t confirmed her return for NCIS Season 22. However, co-showrunner Steven D. Binder hinted to TVLine that viewers will be “satisfied” with the outcome of the Season 21 cliffhanger. Binder’s remarks suggest that Law and Knight might not be departing the series for good.

When asked directly about her situation on NCIS, Law enticed fans to watch the Season 22 premiere for answers. On Instagram, she thanked fans and castmates for a “wonderful season,” alluding to her probable return to the show.

Speculation among fans suggests that Knight’s new job could lead to dramatic storylines in Season 22, with many anticipating a time jump and subsequent return to NCIS. Some fans believe that Law dropping hints about her return further supports the idea that she’s not leaving the show permanently.

While there is still some doubt, supporters are confident that Law will return for the future season. Whether Knight’s departure is permanent or temporary, fans are eagerly anticipating the next chapter in her NCIS career.

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