Katrina Law Confirms a ‘Big, Huge, Surprise Ending’ for NCIS Season 19 Finale!

NCIS’s season 19 finale, which will focus on the team’s new boss Alden Parker, is quickly approaching (Gary Cole). Despite Mark Harmon’s departure from the series in the fourth episode, Executive Producer Steven D. Binder promises “Gibbs Energy” in the season finale. Simultaneously, Katrina Law confirmed a “big, huge, surprise ending.”

Gibbs’ successor In the Season 19 finale of ‘NCIS,’ Alden Parker is in big trouble.

Former FBI Agent Parker first appeared on NCIS in the second episode of season 19. After Harmon’s departure, he took over as the NCIS team leader in Washington, DC, replacing Gibbs.

When the new character is framed for murd3r, he will be the focus of the season 19 finale. Binder characterizes the assailant pursuing the special agent as someone who benefits more from “Parker being disgraced rather than k1lled.”

“When he believes the system is being used against him, he will do what he will do.” “We go pretty far,” Binder told TV Insider.

Parker’s ex-wife and still close friend Vivian Kolchak, played by The Fosters alum Teri Polo, will appear in the finale. Vivian is a former FBI agent who now works for the Department of Defense as a paranormal investigator, and she will be a recurring character in the future.

Katrina Law confirms that there will be a “big, huge surprise ending.”

Dr. Ducky Mallard will return in the final two episodes of Season 19. (David McCallum). Ducky first appears in the penultimate episode to assist Jimmy (Brian Dietzen). However, it is unclear what his role will be in the finale.

Jimmy will have “a moment” with Jessica Knight (Katrina Law) in the finale, according to Binder. In recent episodes, the two have had a sort of budding romance, but fans should expect some surprises.

According to Digital Spy, Law had a stunt double for the season finale. She did not reveal any other details about the action-packed episode, except that it will have a “big, huge, surprise ending.”

“But that’s above my pay grade; they’re not telling me anything!” Law was added.

In the ‘NCIS’ Season 19 finale, EP Steven D. Binder promises ‘Gibbs Energy.’

Binder also revealed that, with Parker pushing the boundaries, senior agent Tim McGee (Sean Murray) will take over as the team’s de facto leader. Binder claims that McGee “hasn’t forgotten” that Parker “put his a$$ on the line to help Gibbs in Alaska.”

“Gibbs’ energy pervades the story,” Binder promised, and it does so in a variety of ways. In addition to the Parker/McGee storyline, there’s Agent Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama), who has been grieving the loss of Gibbs.

Torres’ feelings of abandonment have led to him turning to alcohol as a coping mechanism, and Binder describes Torres as “pulling away.”

“The family will draw him closer,” Binder revealed.

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