Jimmy Palmer, Star of NCIS, was moved to tears on set by his Co-Star performance: ‘Out in The Park’


Brian Dietzen, star of NCIS, admitted to being moved to tears by his co-performance star’s in an episode set to air next week.

NCIS, CBS’ long-running procedural drama, will soon return to screens for another season of solving complex cr1m1nal cases. Brian Dietzen, who also played Dr. Jimmy Palmer, hinted at the upcoming episode by saying he was moved by Wilmer Valderrama’s performance as Nick Torres.

Viewers were worried about Torres’ fate on the NCIS team after his disturbing behavior suggested he could be the next character to leave the show.

Although the bosses and the actor have yet to confirm it, the most recent episode, titled ‘Fight or Flight,’ showed him looking worse for wear emotionally and physically.

When asked about the character’s well-being in the upcoming episode, an NCIS insider dropped a major spoiler about the next episode.

According to TVLine, the upcoming episode titled ‘The Helpers’ will include a “next step in Torres’ journey.”


“Wilmer Valderrama just kind of knocks it out of the park, there are a couple of moments that definitely got me, you know,” Dietzen, who co-wrote the episode, said.

This episode is set to be a watershed moment for Dietzen, as it will be the first time the actor has proudly displayed his skill as a writer behind the scenes.

He first appeared on NCIS in season one as Dr. Jimmy Palmer in 2003, and the actor excitedly shared the news of his new role on Instagram in November 2021.

The next episode, in which he will also appear, is expected to be tense and emotionally charged, as it also confirms the return of an important character.

Fortunately, CBS released a promo for ‘The Helpers,’ which revealed Jimmy and Kasie Hines (Diona Reasonover) would be in a precarious situation.

“While investigating the d3ath of an intruder at Quantico, Jimmy and Kasie are exposed to a d3adly biotoxin, and the NCIS team seeks the assistance of Doctor Carol Wilson as they race to find the antidote,” it says.

“Torres also tries to divert Jimmy’s daughter, who has come to the office to spend the day with her father.”

This will be a pivotal episode, as expert immunologist Doctor Carol Wilson (Meredith Eaton), last seen in season 11, will attempt to save Jimmy and Kasie.

Victoria Palmer (Elle Graper) hasn’t appeared on the show since season 12, and despite Torres’ efforts to distract her, promo images revealed she’d soon find out.

Victoria was photographed talking to her father behind glass as he was quarantined after her visit to her father’s workplace took a turn for the worse.

Torres’ mental state was already fragile, so this situation is likely to send him into a tailspin.


In the previous episode, he arrived at work disheveled, and coworkers were concerned because he kept canceling plans.

During an undercover operation in a boxing ring, it became clear that something was wrong with the agent.

After taking a brutal beating, the referee allowed Torres to tap out before things worsened, during which he spoke with Timothy McGee (Sean Murray).

McGee asked Torres what he was doing and stated that it appeared he was attempting to k1ll himself, to which he replied, “Yeah? So? “Who cares anymore?”

Both Gibbs’ (Mark Harmon) and Eleanor Bishop’s (Emily Wickersham) departures had clearly taken a toll on him, and he felt as if he had no one on his side.

With the actor’s performance making Dietzen emotional, it’s possible Torres had a nervous breakdown as a result of the mounting pressure.

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