Donnie’ Wife Jenny McCarthy Surprise Fans with a Guest Appearance on ‘Blue Bloods’ Farewell Season

Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, still suffering from her husband Donnie Wahlberg’s surprise appearance on The Masked Singer, teases a possible cameo on his long-running drama Blue Bloods. While Donnie indicated an interest in having her appear before his departure, Jenny argues that the play may end appropriately without her involvement.

As Blue Bloods airs its final season, fans speculate about potential surprises in store. Donnie’s reveal on The Masked Singer as Cluedle-Doo remains a standout moment for Jenny, who admits to being completely fooled by his disguise.

Despite the likelihood of a post-Blue Bloods collaboration, Jenny comments on the hilarity of Donnie’s intricate ploy and teases an on-screen reunion. Would you like to see Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg appear as a guest on Blue Bloods? Please share your ideas below.

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