Is Mark Harmon leaving NCIS? Everything the star has said so far

MARK HARMON stars as Agent Leroy Gibbs in NCIS. But is he leaving the series?

NCIS is currently on its mid-season break on CBS for the festive period. However, fans are already looking ahead to the remainder of the 18th outing and what it will bring for Leroy Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) and his team. However, some are concerned this may include an exit for the leading actor – here’s what he has previously said about this.

Is Mark Harmon leaving NCIS?

Over the past few years, there have been a number of rumours about Mark Harmon leaving NCIS.

These mostly stemmed from the fact he is one of the longest-serving characters in screen history.

Harmon has won many fans as the stoic head of the crime-solving division across his 18 seasons.

He has also outstayed almost all of his fellow co-stars, including Michael Weatherly and Pauley Perrette.

Given all this, some have ended up wondering when he might hang up his NCIS badge as well.

There has been discussion of retirement in the show so far, including when his therapist broached the idea back in season 16.

However, Gibbs has always seemed dead against it, much to fans’ relief.

But now the upcoming exit of one of his co-stars has left viewers wondering if Harmon could also be going.

Jack Sloane actor Maria Bello is leaving when the series returns in January.

Speaking to TV Insider back in 2017, he opened up about his future on the show.

Harmon said: “Right now our writers are all very up and excited. You can see it on their faces.

“Now, if I ever witness them walking into the writers’ room with their heads down, feeling they’ve done it all, that would be the time to say, ‘I think I’m done here.’

“But there is still a real feeling of creativity and a sense of reinvention on our set.”

He also spoke to People back in 2019 as well about the possibility of exiting.

Harmon said: “I’ve always thought if there’s ever a time where the writers are walking into the room and going, ‘I don’t know what to do,’ then I think we all have to look at each other and call it a day. But we’re not there yet.”

“I’ve been around long enough to know what this is.

“That commitment is part of what I signed up for; I know when this show ends that’s it — there won’t be anything else like this for me.

“Nothing goes on forever, but you’ve got to respect what this show is doing, 16 years in.

“And how it’s doing it, and the people who are there punching in every morning and building what this is.

“There’s a tremendous amount of pride there, so I see no reason to leave.”

However, it is not off the table according to the star who also revealed in an interview with The Late Late Show With James Corden back in 2015.

Harmon said: “I really believe this but I think anybody on the show is replaceable.

“The truth is this show births characters leaving, it always has.

“And I think there’s always been a creative footprint on this show and I think it keeps actors healthy.

“It’s not my choice [that] I’m number one but I think anybody is replaceable, I believe that.”

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