Is Detective Maria Baez Leaving ‘Blue Bloods,’ a CBS cop drama?

Blue Bloods, a cop drama, has been one of CBS’s biggest hits in recent years. Outside of the Regans, one of the series’ most enduring characters in recent seasons has been Detective Maria Baez, played by Marisa Ramirez. Fans first met Baez in Season 3 when she joined the force as Danny Reagan’s (Donnie Wahlberg) partner. Since then, the two have collaborated, and viewers are accustomed to seeing them both on most episodes of Blue Bloods.

Fans have noticed that the female detective has been missing from several episodes this season and have speculated that she may be leaving the show. After the show’s Instagram page posted a photo of Garrett Moore (Gregory Jbara) talking to Frank Reagan, one fan commented on social media about Baez’s absence (Tom Selleck).

They remarked, “Detective Baez was missed! Please stop excluding her from the episodes! Some of us watch to see our favorite actors and actresses. Without her, this episode fell flat for me.” The synopsis for the upcoming episode, which airs on December 10, also raises the possibility that Baez will not be Danny’s partner for much longer. Here’s what we know about Baez’s future and whether or not she’ll be leaving Blue Bloods.

Is ‘Blue Bloods’ detective Maria Baez leaving the show?

Several Blue Bloods viewers have noticed a decrease in Maria Baez’s screentime this season, leading some to speculate that actor Marisa Ramirez may be on her way out. One user on the Blue Bloods subreddit said, “It could be my imagination, but doesn’t it seem like we’re seeing less and less of Baez? I have a feeling she’s going to leave the show. To be honest, I think Danny would benefit from a new partner.”

While some users disagreed that Baez was not leaving the NYPD, one user agreed, saying, “I think you might be on to something in the next episode the summary talks about Baez reconsidering her place in the NYPD.” According to the episode synopsis, the NYPD will be dealing with a cyberatt4ck. Meanwhile, Baez is perplexed about her role and position within the police force. So it appears that she will be considering quitting her job.

However, neither Marisa nor CBS have made any announcements indicating that she is leaving Blue Bloods. Marisa has been steadily working on the series since 2013, but there is always the possibility of a break. We, along with many others, hope she does not leave. Only time will tell if Baez will resign from the force. It will be interesting to see if Blue Bloods abandons fans until it returns next year.

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