Inside Mark Harmon and Wife Pam Dawber’s Canyon Home, Which They Purchased in 1988 For $4 Million


Mark Harmon and his wife Pam Dawber moved into a $4 million mansion in 1988 and began remodeling it because he wanted to hear what it had to say.

Mark Harmon and his longterm wife Pam Dawber are living proof of how wonderful it can be when two people fall in love.

Harmon is an actor best known for his portrayal of intelligent naval investigator Leroy “Jethro” Gibbs on the hit television show “NCIS.”

Harmon is actually the son of Tom Harmon and Elyse Harmon. The remarkable man, who was awarded the Sexiest Man Alive in 1986, had a strong bond with his father and mother.

Harmon has already highlighted some of the things he received from his father when he was younger. He stated:

“My father desired that I be self-motivated. I was taught that the only way to get something was to use everything you have.”

When he grew up, he did just that. He started off as a UCLA football standout, then worked as a roofer, carpenter, and shoe salesman before making it big as an actor at the suggestion of his sister Kristin’s father-in-law, Ozzie Nelson.

When he first entered the film profession, he worked as a roofer and carpenter because he needed money.


He made an easy selection because he was passionate about carpentry. As a child, he would occasionally visit his father’s workshop, which taught him appreciate the beauty of woodwork art.

He is particularly fond of the finishing process because he feels that if done properly, it will last longer, immortalizing the maker for the period of its lifespan.

Harmon’s first gig as an actor came in 1973, when he appeared on the Nelson family’s sitcom “Ozzie’s Girls.” His character, still a diamond in the mud, had only one job: walk to the door dressed as a gorilla and say:

“Hello, my name is Harry King Kong. “How do I get to the Empire State Building?”

His fame grew rapidly since his entry into the profession, and his name eventually began to hold weight. In the 1980s, he appeared in “St. Elsewhere” and “Moonlighting” and was voted the sexiest man alive.

Since then, his career has taken off, and his name has been tied to major television shows such as “Chicago Hope,” “The West Wing,” and “NCIS.”


His most renowned role to date was on “NCIS,” but it ended this year in October after his character decided not to return with his partner – he’d finally found peace.

Harmon’s fans and colleagues were disappointed to see him go, but the show’s producers have guaranteed that the outstanding actor will remain on the show as an executive producer indefinitely.

Harmon and Pam purchased their first home together two years after their marriage.

But that’s all fine since it allows Harmon to spend more time with his wife. Indeed, the first time fans saw him following his departure, he was doing household tasks like taking out the trash and walking his dogs.

In terms of his personal life, below are some additional data about him and his wife of more than three decades.


Harmon is a deeply romantic man who knew from the start that he was getting the genuine deal when he married. Maybe that’s why he opted to wait until he was in his 30s before getting married.

Or maybe fate determined that was the best time to settle down. His wife Pam has a background in the film industry as well, which is why their relationship drew a lot of attention when it initially became public.


Pam, who has been on blockbuster sitcoms such as “My Sister Sam” and “Mork & Mindy,” married Harmon in a private ceremony attended by friends and family in 1987.

When Harmon was ready for a relationship, a mutual friend introduced them, and he checked all the boxes Pam had on her list of traits she wanted in a man, ultimately sealing the deal.

The couple has been known to keep things low-key ever since they met. Pam said that they had nothing to conceal but were very selective about what they shared with the paparazzi while they were still engaged.

Little is known about their family or where they’ve lived, and Harmon refuses to grant a tour of their home even now.

It was quite simple for the couple to carry this off because Pam opted to retire from performing following their marriage. She’d done almost everything and was ready to become a dedicated mother to their children by that point.

Sean and Ty, the couple’s two sons, were nurtured in solitude and harmony. Harmon and his wife are now alone because the boys have grown up.



Harmon and Pam purchased their first home two years after their marriage. Down a lengthy private drive, a hidden $4 million Mandeville Canyon property lay on 3 1/2 acres.

The house, which boasts views of the mountains and canyons, was built in 1951, but despite its age, the couple refused to demolish it and instead refurbished and enlarged it.

Upgrading from three bedrooms and six baths in around 5,400 square feet to five bedrooms and seven baths in about 8,000 square feet.

Harmon once quipped that anyone else would have demolished the building; however, he and his wife bond over renovating together because they have similar interests, which is why they decided to work on it.

They raised their first child there until 1990, when they sold it to “Rain Man” filmmaker Barry Levinson and his wife, Diana, for close to the asking price of $7.9 million.

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