Inside David McCallum’s Life Before He Died

The world mourns the loss of David McCallum, a true cinematic classic who died just days after turning 90. McCallum, known for his classic roles and unflinching dedication to his profession, has left a legacy that fans and colleagues alike will appreciate.

McCallum gained worldwide fame as the charming and talented actor who portrayed Donald “Ducky” Mallard on the hit show NCIS for two decades.

His portrayal of the beloved character endeared him to audiences, with his dedication to accuracy even leading him to attend medical examiner conventions.

His co-stars remember him fondly, with Michael Weatherly noting McCallum’s professionalism and leadership on the set. Brian Dietzen, another NCIS actor, called McCallum a joy to work with and a close friend.

Outside of NCIS, McCallum’s career spanned an incredible seven decades, during which he appeared in nearly 100 films and TV shows. He gained widespread acclaim for his role as secret agent Ilya Kuryakin in the 1960s spy show The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Aside from his professional triumphs, McCallum’s biggest joy was his family. He was a devoted father of five and a beloved grandfather of six. His son recalled him as gentle, loving, and always prioritizing family.

While fans mourn his passing, McCallum’s legacy will endure through his timeless performances and the impact he had on those who knew him. Rest in peace, David McCallum.


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  1. Loved him in Man From U.N.C.L.E. I sent 1#issue of the books, requesting his signature, but haven’t received it’s return. Also liked his part in NCIS. Rest in peace.

  2. I loved him on NCIS. I never got to see anything else he was in. But if it’s anything like NCIS I know he was Awesome. I love the characters moments between him and Gibbs. Ducky character was written just for him when they cast him to play ducky. I loved that his character didn’t completely leave the show that he came back every once in awhile. But now we won’t be able to see him no more on the show he will be missed deeply NCIS will not be the same without seeing Ducky once in awhile. I hope the writers will sometimes just write his name into the scripts so we will never forget him RIP Ducky we love you

  3. I grew up watching David McCallum in all different movies. And in his series, I never missed the man from uncle when I was a kid with my dad. I’ve seen him in a lot of things. And David McCallum is one great actor and from what I understand 1 great pertommy. His Marc in this world will be left to remember him by and he will be missed greatly.

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