Insanity! Daniela Ruah’s Son Looks Exactly Like NCIS: L.A.-“Deeks”


What a resemblance! Daniela Ruah shared a photo of her son River, who looks uncannily similar to Eric Christian Olsen.

Daniela Ruah, 37, is the mother of two adorable children named River and Sierra. The “Kensi Blye” actress frequently shares details about her personal life on Instagram. She posted a throwback photo of herself and her son River on the occasion of American Son’s Day (German: Day of the Son), which you can see in the video.

River, Daniela Ruah’s son, has a well-known doppelgänger.


Daniela Ruah revealed in the post’s caption that the child in the photo was only three years old. Does River remind you of anyone? He resembles Daniela Ruah’s series coworker Eric Christian Olsen (44). The hairstyle and grin are reminiscent of NCIS: Los Angeles character “Deeks.”

Daniela and Eric play a couple in the cr1me series. In real life, however, she is involved with his brother. Daniela Ruah and David Paul Olsen (45), who married in 2014, have two children. Your adorable children round out the family’s joy. River appears to have inherited his uncle’s good genes.

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