In which episodes of ‘NCIS’ did Mark Harmon’s son, Sean Harmon, play Young Gibbs..?

Mark Harmon is best known today for his role as Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs on the CBS primetime procedural NCIS. Harmon has remained dedicated to the series for the past 17 seasons and counting.

While many actors have come and gone, using the show as a stepping stone to later leading roles, Harmon has remained the show’s guiding light since its inception. And, while no one can imagine anyone else playing Gibbs, it’s worth noting that Mark Harmons’ son, Sean Harmon, played a younger version of Gibbs in a few episodes.

Who better to play Gibbs than an actor who shares an ancestor with Mark Harmon? Though it’s been a few years since Sean Harmon appeared on NCIS, he did play the role several times. So, which episodes feature Sean Harmon’s young Leroy Jethro Gibbs in particular?

From 2008 to 2012, Sean Harmon portrayed Agent Gibbs in six episodes of ‘NCIS.’

According to IMDb, Sean Harmon first appeared in NCIS in the 2008 episode “Heartland.” The episode followed the aftermath of an ambush behind a bar that k1ll3d one Marine and seriously injured another. The survivor is from Gibbs’ hometown, and flashbacks occur when the crew travels to investigate. Sean Harmon enters the picture.

Sean Harmon also appeared in the episodes “Deliverance” in 2009 and “Mother’s Day” in 2010. “Deliverance” follows the gang after the body of an 18-year-old marine is discovered by Metro PD. As Gibbs and his team begin to piece the puzzle together, a social worker provides the final, crucial piece of information.

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The episode “Mother’s Day” features Gibbs’ first mother-in-law. Why? Her fiancée, a Navy officer, is k1ll3d in the line of duty. Let’s just say the past enters the picture for some character development and insight while on the case.

Sean Harmon appeared in two episodes of “Engaged: Part 1” and “Engaged: Part 2” in 2011. The two-part special begins with an airplane crash. The plane is transporting six d3ad Marines from Afghanistan. When Abby is unable to locate the DNA of one of the six Marines, the team wonders if any of them are still alive.

“Engaged: Part 2” follows Gibbs and Ziva as they fly to Afghanistan in search of the missing Marine — she is alive and well, and an extraction team saves her before the episode ends.

When was the last time you saw Young Gibbs…

Sean Harmon’s final appearance on NCIS was in the 2012 episode “Life Before His Eyes,” in which he played a young Gibbs. In the episode, an unidentified individual draws a pistol and threatens Gibbs with it.

Gibbs deals with him, but he continues to have flashbacks and fantasies (creating the need for a young Gibbs once more). Frank attempts to explain some of the flashbacks, and the episode concludes with McGee making a decision and the team preparing to leave.

While Sean Harmon hasn’t appeared on NCIS in a while, recent flashbacks in upcoming seasons may provide an opportunity. Let’s hope the writers find a reason to bring back young Gibbs…and a younger Harmon.

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