In Recent Episode of ‘NCIS,’ Does The Show Set Up A Future Villain..?

Did we just meet our next “NCIS” bad guy..?
All indications point to yes. It could be exactly what the show needs to keep things interesting and entice viewers to tune in each week. A multi-episode villain arc can certainly do that.

On the “NCIS” episode “The Helpers,” things got a little out of hand. Brian Dietzen co-wrote this episode, and he was the emotional center of the hour. It all starts with him and his wife Breena in a meadow. Jimmy Palmer’s wife d1ed from C0V1D last season, so it’s a hallucination. In fact, he is on the verge of d3ath in lockdown with Kasie.

The third member of the Palmer family, his daughter Veronica, is on the other side of the lab. He brought her to work on the same day he was poisoned by a biotoxin. We were all wondering if Veronica would also lose her father. Kasie had considered not signing on for another five years, putting her future in jeopardy. Both escaped alive thanks to Dr. Carol Wilson (Meredith Eaton) arriving with an antidote.

In this episode, we came to a lot of conclusions. Palmer removed his wedding ring and decided to move on. Kasie decided to re-sign with the agency. But there is still a foe lurking beneath the surface.

On ‘NCIS,’ the Raven is a terr1fying and evil force.

Phillip Hanch, the episode’s d3ad man, was a member of an extremist group led by the Raven. This is a group seeking vengeance in the form of the plague. Dr. Carol Wilson is having a difficult time. Yuri Pastov, a Russian defector who manufactures antidotes in the United States, has not been seen and is believed to have been kidnapped.

The Raven isn’t going away. Everyone is gathered in the hospital during the episode as Kasie and Palmer recover. Vance informs everyone that the t3rr0rist has eluded capture yet again. Agent Parker was also left a note that said, “Nevermore.” McGee is able to k1ll one t3rr0rist in order to save Pastov and obtain the antidote.

So, not only is this arguably the best episode of the season, but it also sets up a new mystery. The man who was with Yuri was not the leader. Not to mention the possibility of a slew of people working for the Raven. It could take a long time to sort through all of this.

With so many people on Raven’s side, we suspect there will be more close calls.

Can “NCIS” afford to lose any more agents after losing Gibbs..?

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