In a rare interview appearance, Pauley Perrette of NCIS expressed her ‘Excitement’ about the show’s comeback

Pauley Perrette, star of NCIS, was ecstatic to make a rare television appearance earlier this week and have the opportunity to ask lawyer Alison Triessl a question on her KTLA show, Legal Smart.

Since the 15th season of NCIS, Pauley Perrette has not been seen as forensic specialist Abby Sciuto. She has only made a few television appearances since leaving the iconic CBS drama, but she recently confirmed on Twitter that she will be returning to the screen.

“I’m so delighted!” Pauley exclaimed to her followers. You already know how much I adore @KTLA. I also admire @AlisonTriessl. Tuesday’s 3 p.m. show segment #LegalSmart, in which she answers viewers’ legal issues…

“SHE’S ANSWERING MY LEGAL QUESTION TODAY!!!” I’ll make an attempt to post [a] video later!”

The former NCIS star kept her word and shared a clip from the live show.

After years of being one of the most popular TV cr1me-solvers, it was finally Pauley’s turn to learn about some of the more arcane aspects of the law.

“I’m pretty excited because I have a question for Alison,” she told Legal Smart anchor Alison.

“I adore Legal Smart; she knows how much I adore her.” “However, I do have a question.”

Pauley went on to express her reservations about growing some particularly dangerous plants outside her home.

“Especially in California, I know you can,” she asked, “but if I plant cacti on my land and someone runs into the cacti, are I liable?” Cacti are poisonous.”

Alison had to pause for a second to grasp that the NCIS star was a fan of her KTLA segment.

“I’m extremely geeked out that Pauley likes Legal Smart; that’s incredible,” she remarked.

“She’s completely engrossed with cr1me and everything intriguing about forensics.”

The TV lawyer then gave Pauley some vital advice on how to plant the prickly species on her property.

Alison stated that the question was about premises responsibility and that it would be determined by the three sorts of persons who enter private property: visitors, workers, and trespassers.

“You owe a responsibility of care to each of them; for trespassers, it’s absolutely not the same as someone you invite onto your home,” she explained.

While it is entirely lawful to plant cactus on one’s own property, gardening does come with certain crucial restrictions.

“I don’t want them right close to a public sidewalk,” Alison added.

“Someone on the public sidewalk could trip and hit the cactus.”

Alison added that the cacti should not be placed near public areas or her own walkway in order to avoid people falling over and landing on the d3adly plants.

She went on to say that one of her legal acquaintances had a case in which a delivery person was wounded because of overhanging cacti.

Pauley tweeted after the piece aired, “YAY!!! Thank you so much, @AlisonTriessl and @KTLA!”

The NCIS star was most recently seen in a significant role in last year’s CBS sitcom Broke, but she still makes appearances on talk shows and podcasts.

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