‘I Shall Return’ Maria Bello, Star of NCIS, Has Received An Outpouring of Support For A Personal Decision

Maria Bello, star of NCIS, received a flood of supportive responses after announcing her social media hiatus.

NCIS viewers said goodbye to fan favorite Jacqueline ‘Jack’ Sloane (played by Maria Bell) earlier this year after five years on the CBS show. Fans bid the actress farewell once more in her most recent statement, along with expressions of support for her choice to leave Instagram.

Maria took to Instagram and wrote, “I’m re-evaluating my relationship with Instagram, so signing off for a bit.”

“I’ll let you know what I uncover later,” she said, “God bless you all.”

The actress posted a much longer note in the description, explaining why she is no longer using the photo-sharing app.

“There are several reasons,” Maria wrote, “but the main one is that it is now widely known that it is hazardous for young girls.”

“Perhaps I will return after a deep dive,” the actress said, “but who knows, I appreciate each and every one of you.”

Being a liberal, progressive Hollywood whatever, I have lovely followers on all sides of the aisle, and I thank you all so much for your generosity. Love always triumphs. “I’m certain of it,” she said.

Maria’s message drew a flood of favorable responses from her thousands of followers, many of whom were celebrities.

Diana expressed her support for Maria, saying, “Take as much time as you need and take care of yourself, I love you.”

“I shall miss your posts,” Donna commented.

“We shall miss you and support your fight for truth, which is certainly a power,” said another admirer.

“Hopefully, you’ll be back on soon, take care of yourself,” remarked another.

Fans first met Maria as Jack in season 15 of the procedural show NCIS, when she worked as a Forensic Psychologist.

She also served on the NCIS Major Case Response Team, which was led by NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon).

However, in March 2021, she made the life-altering decision to leave NCIS and relocate to Afghanistan to carry on the work of her k1ll3d best friend Darya.

This arose when Jack struggled to identify the good in NCIS’s work.

Fans followed Jack and Gibbs as they traveled to Afghanistan to assist a group of teenage girls who had been exploited.

While they were there to keep the men at bay, Jack recognized how she could be of use in the country and decided to stay.

After informing Gibbs that she wanted to help those who needed it the most, the two exchanged an emotional farewell after sharing an unexpected passionate kiss.

While Maria never revealed the reason for her departure from the show, it’s possible that her Instagram disappearance is in preparation for a return of NCIS.

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