How Many Episodes to Expect in NCIS Season 21..?

With the SAG-AFTRA strike finally over, all eyes are on production start dates. There is also interest in the episode counts for NCIS Season 21 and other shows.

We knew that 22-episode seasons were out of the question as the strike continued. We were concerned that 13-episode seasons would not be produced.

When it comes to the strike action, there is some good news. The SAG-AFTRA strike has come to an end. Whether this is for the better or for the worse depends on actors ratifying the agreement, but there is some good news, and we’ll probably see something similar to the WGA strike.

So, what should we expect in the coming seasons? Is it possible for NCIS Season 21 to have a 13-episode season? It’s possible.

Will there be 13 episodes in NCIS Season 21..?

According to Deadline, NCIS Season 21 will be one of the first shows to resume production. While the publication does not provide an episode count, it does state that the Dick Wolf dramas, including the FBIs, are still scheduled for 13 episodes.

That is still a possibility, with filming set to begin around November 27, 2023.

NCIS may follow a similar strategy. As a result of this, a 13-episode season is possible. That is the plan, with the season likely to begin in March 2024.

Anything earlier than that will be a stretch, especially since the strike contract states that the actors’ winter break will not be reduced in order to get shows back on track.

According to Deadline, a 10-episode season is possible. However, this will be determined by the type of show and the amount of post-production work required. When it comes to post-production, NCIS is one of the easier shows.

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